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Day 19: Hi by PSAPP

8 Jun

Hello there! If this is your first time on the website, be sure to check out the about page in the top righthand corner to learn more about my project!

So I’m going back to Washington today! I’m both happy and sad, but I keep telling myself that in a few months I’ll be back and better than ever.

Today I’m taking you back to my junior year in high school, when I really started developing the love for some pretty bizarre music. That was the year I listened to The Presets and Mates Of State… it was the year JCI introduced me to the Radio Department, and the year my favorite teacher introduced me to Wilco. Great year of my life.

But this song is very symbolic for today, and it is one of my favorite songs.

Because I hate saying goodbye, I’ll say the opposite. So enjoy “Hi” by PSAPP

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