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Day 27: Smart Girls At The Party

16 Jun

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A couple more notes before getting to the goods: almost 500 looks at this page! You guys are so awesome! Thanks for the support!!!

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Now onto today’s awesome stuff:

I was up on twitter this morning when I encountered a re-tweet (for those of you who aren’t too sure what that means, a re-tweet is when someone repeats another person’s account… so like quoting another person) about Amy Poehler and her project.

First, I’m a huge fan of Amy Poehler. She’s always so upfront about herself, and she sets a great example as a female who’s not afraid to be herself.

And that is exactly what her project is!

“Smart Girls At The Party” is a website-show created by Ms. Poehler, Amy Miles (a great musician!) and Meredith Walker (a comedian and producer of the show “Nick News”). Basically, what they do is find smart girls that do cool stuff and interview them. Their goal is to get people to “change the world by being yourself” (the site’s catch phrase).

Being an average girl, I totally dig this idea! The fact that it is the product of some pretty famous female celebrities makes it almost better!

I absolutely support it 100%, and I want everyone to check it out!

So, below is the link! I think that it’s important for girls to understand that no matter how unimportant you may feel, there is something unique about you that can totally change the world! Be yourself!!!

Smart Girls At The Party

Click here for the site as well!