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Day 34: Creep TV

23 Jun

Hello there! If this is your first time on the site, check out the about page underneath the title for more info on my project.

So today continues Cartoon Network week! HOORAY! And I bring you another game!

It’s called “Creep TV” and it features the terrifically creeptastic show Courage The Cowardly Dog. Now, this show is off air, but it is quite possibly one of the most epic-creepy kids shows ever created. Each episode centers on this old couple and their dog living in the middle of nowhere. And each episode, something horrific happens (for example, I remember one episode a fish comes to their house and hypnotizes them and makes them go crazy). While it may not sound scary, the animation is grotesque at times and it used to CREEP ME OUT. But don’t get me wrong: this show is awesome BECAUSE it sets the bar higher than normal cartoons.

Here’s the opening to the show:

But this game is fun!! So click the link below to play!