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Day 35: Chowder

24 Jun

Hello there! If this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page right below the giant title for more info on my project!

How is your week going? If you’re not in a good mood, remember tomorrow is Friday! I had a great day with my friend Tyler, which involved sad movies, yummy food, random stops, and a full 20 minutes of chilling with the guys at Best Buy (all of which I’ve never met). Good times!

Today continues Cartoon Network week, and for my focus I have chosen a peculiar show by the name of Chowder.

Chowder focuses on this crazy kid-thing (named Chowder), who is the young apprentice of a top chef in the city they live in. Each episode focuses around a dish they are preparing, and the people who hang out around them (including my favorite character named Shnitzel, who only says “Rabble rabble!”) It’s crazy, kooky, and out of control but I love it so much!

The coolest part about the show is the animation. First of all, it is layered peculiarly so that the patterns on the clothing stays the same while the people move on top of it (much like a background on a blog, that doesn’t move when you scroll down). It sounds weird, but it’s one of those cool effects that makes the show seem just bizarre and interesting. Secondly, each episode features both 2D animations and stop-motion animation (which is one of my most favorite-est things in the world!!!) It exposes children to all these different things that are often lost in the world of “Ben 10” and “Spongebob” (don’t get me wrong, spongebob is like my guilty pleasure!)

Anyways, click the picture below to watch an episode of Chowder!

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