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Day 59: The Girl And The Sea by the Presets

18 Jul

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Today I bring you a gorgeous video and an amazing song that inspired it.

Australian-based band The Presets has kind of consumed culture as a hipster-cred type thing. But the first time I was interested in the band was in 2007, when I saw one of their videos in a clothing store (surprisingly enough). Their song was super creepy, and their video was even creepier, but it got me interested.

A few weeks later, I discovered the video for their song “The Girl And The Sea,” which is unlike any of the other songs they are responsible for, and I fell in love. It is deep, gorgeous, and a fantastic song to listen to. I suggest you expand the video to full screen, mainly to look at the amazing artwork.

Enjoy “The Girl And The Sea” by The Presets: