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Day 114: Barricade by Interpol

11 Sep

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So, a few days ago I featured the lovely band Interpol, as their newest CD Interpol came out this last Tuesday. All day I’ve listened to it’s up and down melodies and dark undertones (that turn into overtones). Let me tell you this: it is FANTASTIC. I highly recommend it to anyone into the band’s previous albums, and also anyone who like dark indie music!

Their first hit off the CD “Barricade” is an odd one, but it’s definitely a great song. However, the first time I ever heard the lyrics, I was under the assumption that lead-singer Paul Banks was singing “Bees and snakes need homes/need homes.” Yes, I am that stupid. Although it is a nice thought though, bees and snakes do need homes!

Anyway, the video is very simplistic, and the members of the band are très magnifique… specifically Mr. Banks.

So enjoy “Barricade” off of Interpol’s new album Interpol.

And let’s not forget those bees and snakes! They need HOMES!

And, as an added bonus, check out this creepy video from their album Antics.