Day 120: Fighter X!

17 Sep

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So, back for a bit more!

With the recent popularity of “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” (or, more specifically, it’s soundtrack), 8-bit music is making a comeback!

Now, what is 8-bit exactly? Well, first let me give you a taste

8-bit is basically music made from programs based off of video game systems (mostly from Nintendo’s Gameboy!). The beats are remixed and programed to get a totally sound that is just fantastic!

Now this stuff is everywhere! There’s bands all over the country, and even some in other countries like Japan. But in my hometown of Seattle, 8-bit is running rampant in the underground music scene.

I have actually gotten to know a few of the artists through other things (Leeni, who is pretty freaking sweet in person and on audio, and her side-project BiForce are two that I adore), but one in specific always sticks out on my playlist: Fighter X.

His real name is Nickolas Walthew (and for a while Jack Waterman of “Circles” fame was appearing in the band too), and he is one of the most prominent 8-bit bands out there right now. I’ve actually had a chance to see him perform live (which was AWESOME) and even briefly moshed with him for like 5 minutes (Nick, if your reading this, I don’t expect you to remember this, haha! This was like 2 years ago). I’ve been a fan since then and even own a couple CDs.

What makes his music so great is the complexity of the tunes! Anyone can take an old gameboy song and remix it (the most popular remixed track of game-fame is Legend of Zelda…. I find more that song more than anything!). But Fighter X actually takes this whole LSDJ (which is a program used to remix these songs) thing and turns it into something completely original and even intense!!

Come check his work out at his Myspace, or at 8bc!

The Real Fighter X


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  1. weighty September 26, 2010 at 11:43 pm #

    gonna send this to my mom

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