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Day 121: Minesweeper – The Movie!

19 Sep

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Hows it going guys? Its Ridemus again. (Nope, you cant get rid of me just yet) I’m filling in for Margasaur today.

“Why are you really here solider?” “Cause I want to keep this ledge safe!” “Why are you really here?” “Cause I’m bored!”

Anyone play Minesweeper? That game where you click a square and it will give you a number and the number represents how many squares are adjacent to it?  (If you didn’t know how to play before, you know now.) Its the game that most people know as the one where you click random squares until you explode.

My friend showed me this youtube video a bit ago and I still can’t stop laughing. It depicts a real life version of Minesweeper and depicts several soldiers on a mine field learning how to defuse mines. It adds the same rules of minesweeper and the same basic gamplay. Some of the humor includes someone guessing where a mine is while saying “Don’t worry, its never the first one.” (Which, if anyone plays that game knows, that every so often it is) before exploding. Its hilarious. Check it out guys.

(Final thought, if you haven’t seen the funny videos made by collegehumor,