10 Nov

Hey everyone!!

I’m back after, like, 3 weeks!

So, let me explain myself before the tomatoes come flying at me!

A few weeks back I talked about how I poured tea on my computer and had to get a portable keyboard…. well, due to my stupidity my “silly computer mishap” turned into a full-blown crisis. I lost my computer for about three weeks and all things were terrible!

But, I’m back! amd my computer has a new keyboard (and charger), so I can continue with the blog!

However, three weeks is a long time to be on hiatis! In order to make up for lost time, I am officially adding three weeks to the end of the year for me to catch up! WHOOO!

Anyway, sorry for the mishaps! I’m happy to see that people did come and check on the site while it was down so I appreciate the support! Thanks again!


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