Day 151: Omnom Forest

12 Nov

Hello there! If this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page at the top for more info on my project! Also, sign the guestbook (also located in the top)!

I’ve got some good stuff planned for this coming week! First, I have an interview with a band (who is awesome by the way), and next week is going to be another themed week (that has to do with adorable guys with banjos and clouds).

But for today, I have a simple game called “Omnom Forest”.

Loosely based on the movie My Neighbor Totoro, the point of the game is to have the little totoro-like things eat fruit and avoid acorns. Sound simple enough? Just wait… it gets surprisingly difficult!

I love this game. It’s so sweet and the noise they make is so adorkable. Plus, wait until you see what you have to do to calm them down if you make them mad!!

So enjoy “Omnom Forest”!

(click the image to play the game!)

Click Here To Play Omnom Forest

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