Day 195: Feeling Good and Come Fly With Me by Michael Bublé

26 Dec

Hey everyone!

Earlier today, I watched a documentary/live show of pop singer Michael Bublé and discovered a few things: first of all, Michael Bublé is easy on the eyes… very very easy on the eyes; he’s hilarious, always cracking jokes about his family and crew members all in good humor; he’s super duper sweet, treating everyone with respect; and his voice is like Frank Sinatra! He’s awesome, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching his live show.

But, my all time favorite song he sings is a tie between two cover songs… the first is a fantastic, bond sounding version of Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse’s “Feeling Good”. It’s gritty, and features the lovely Michael Bublé looking fine in a tuxedo.

The other song is a given favorite: His version of the Frank Sinatra song “Come Fly With Me” is now practically a classic in his repertoire, but it still warms my heart to hear it.

So enjoy “Feeling Good” and “Come Fly With Me”, sung by Michael Bublé!

I apologize for the weird version of this song… I honestly couldn’t find a better version!


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