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Day 231: Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes

31 Jan

To finish up tonight:


The song “Helplessness Blues”, off of their new album of the same title, is incredible and was released today!

It’s fantastic and glorious and wonderful on so many levels!!

You can download a copy of this song on the fleet foxes website! Click here to download!

But if you feel like just listening to the song, here it is! Enjoy “Helplessness Blues” by Fleet Foxes!!

Day 230: [BELATED PT. 2] Second Chance by Peter Bjorn & John

31 Jan


I’ve also declared today new music day!

More new Peter Bjorn & John! And even if it isn’t as hapy sounding or upbeat as “Breaker, Breaker,” it’s still pretty boss.

Enjoy “Second Chance” by Peter Bjorn & John!

Day 229: [BELATED PT 1] Blame The World by Daley

31 Jan

Hey guys!

I’m so sorry for not updating my blog in a couple days. I made a weekend trip to Portland, OR with my mother for a concert.

So, to make up for it, I’ve got three posts tonight (they’re gonna be real short, so I apologize)

First post is for British singer Daley (who was featured on the Gorillaz single “Doncamatic”). He’s really sketch looking, but his music is incredible!

This song is an acoustic version of a song that’s gonna be on his EP. The song’s called “Blame The World,” and it is fantastic.


Day 228: It’s time for some more super rad AQUABATS!

28 Jan

Hello there!

As I am writing this post, I’m listening to the AQUABATS! HOORAY!

It’s always an epic day when the Aquabats are on!

So for the post today, I wanted to feature another one of their songs! But the question is, which one?!

I am going to feature not 1

not 2,

but 3 songs… all from their album Charge!! (2005)! OHHH YEAAAH

(this blogpost is just stalling. I guess I’ll have a more in depth post later this week… maybe Sunday).

Song #1: Plastic Lips

The song is about a guy who falls in love with a doll. Yeah. That’s right. You heard me.

Weirdly enough, it’s like my favorite song off of the whole CD… so just give it a listen!

Song #2: Look At Me (I’m A Winner)

I mean, just by the title you know this song rocks. It’s one of my favorite get-me-out-of-a-bad-mood songs because of it’s uplifting theme!

Song #3: Waterslides

Waterslides is also one of my favorite songs because it’s actually got a really great message: Live life to the fullest and enjoy life! Plus, anything that is TECHNICALLY about Waterslides is bad-ass!

Enjoy those songs and more on the Aquabats album Charge!!

Day 227: January Hymn by The Decemberists

27 Jan

Hey everyone!

So there’s only a few days left in the month of January, so I wanted to feature the song “January Hymn” off of The Decemberists’ new album The King Is Dead (2011). The album is fantastic, and the song itself is really sweet and calm… the ideal image of the cold month of January!

With that said, I’ll let you guys enjoy “January Hymn”. Also, if you like alternative-folk or music like that, then check out The Decemberists’ new album The King Is Dead (out now!)


27 Jan

Hey everyone! Sorry for the belated post…

Today I wanted to feature a website I really like called “FFFFOUND!”

If you’ve ever seen FOUND! Magazine, you might have an idea of what this website actually is… But those of you who’ve never heard of either, you’re missing out.

FOUND! Magazine, first published in 2001, is a yearly magazine full of things that people have found throughout the nation. Whether they are shopping lists, funny notes, gloves, or stories that were made better because of these items, people send them into the magazine and they show up in the print edition. It’s an interesting take on the daily life of the human race and it’s a huge guilty pleasure of mine (I guess it’s not necessarily a guilty pleasure… but whatever!). You can check out FOUND! Magazine here!

Anyway, FFFFOUND! is much like the magazine, except it’s all internet images. People can post their favorite images, and it’s basically just a bunch of crazy images from flickr, tumblr, and other crazy websites!

Here’s a few examples: (Click the pictures to check out FFFFOUND!)

Day 225: Dreaming Of You by The Coral

25 Jan

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to feature a great love song.

I first heard “Dreaming of You” by The Coral on an episode of the tv show Scrubs… It caught my attention pretty much immediately, and ever since then I’ve been putting the song on mixtapes a plenty for family and friends.

It’s catchy, British, and reminiscent of old, 50s rockabilly music, which is always awesome. I can’t help but sing along with this song whenever I hear it.

Enjoy “Dreaming of You” by The Coral!