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Day 203: Trains by Jérôme Minière

3 Jan

Hey again!

For my post today, I wanted to feature a really neat singer right out of Quebec.

I’m in a new French class, and my teacher is a huge music nerd (like me! Hoorah!). He played a song by Quebec singer Jérôme Minière at the start of class and I instantly fell in love!

Of course the song I liked is non-existent in the world of YouTube so I picked another really pretty song called “Trains”.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what he’s singing… otherwise, I’d post the lyrics to the song, but regardless it’s really awesome. And the video is also incredibly pretty!

Enjoy the gorgeous “Trains” by Jérôme Minière!

Day 202: [BELATED] Shift!

3 Jan

Hey guys!

Sorry again for yet another late post… Sunday I moved back to Eugene for the next term and was just mentally exhausted when I got back!

For yesterday’s post, I wanted to feature a really awesome game that I thoroughly enjoy playing!

It’s called “Shift” and there are now six different versions of the game (including one for the iphone or ipod touch!)

The rules are pretty simple… get to the door in each level to continue. In order to get there, you have to unlock certain areas and learn to shift from being light to being dark (hint: the key word is “SHIFT”.)

It’s a really neat game, and all versions (except the downloadable one) are available on

Enjoy “Shift”!

Click here to play "Shift"