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Day 207: Look Around You (Maths)

7 Jan

Maybe you can learn something from this short informational video:

Look Around You!

Day 206: [BELATED] Maru is cautious

7 Jan

seriously… it’s adorable!

Day 205: [BELATED] Revolving Doors by Gorillaz

7 Jan

Hey there!

Sorry for the lack of posting… these past few days have been quite hellish.

But I’m back! And it’s Friday! And I’ve got nothing to do tonight (Thank sweet goodness!!)!

So, for my first (of three) posts tonight, I wanted to feature one of the songs off of the brand new Gorillaz album The Fall.

The song is called “Revolving Doors”, and I love it so much! (it’s my favorite next to the “Seattle Yodel”)

Enjoy “Revolving Doors”!