Day 208: [BELATED]

9 Jan

Hey guys!
Sorry for (yet again) another belated post! This weekend has been stocked with crazy moments and lots of just hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in a while.

Anyway, on to the post!

My teacher said that he was addicted to a website called “”. Intrigued, I checked it out myself, and I am sort of totally addicted as well. If you’ve ever been to the site Flickr (which is where I normally post my pictures), you know that it’s a website where you can upload and manage photos. Flickriver takes random pictures from Flickr and places them on an endless loop for people to look at.

It generates a new batch of pictures each day, and it is pretty incredible (plus, placed upon a black background, it’s an easy website to look at).

Here are some pictures from today… check them out at by clicking on the pictures. (also, if you really like the pics, you can click on them on and find the photographer and their other work!)


Enjoy these (and TONS more) at!

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