27 Jan

Hey everyone! Sorry for the belated post…

Today I wanted to feature a website I really like called “FFFFOUND!”

If you’ve ever seen FOUND! Magazine, you might have an idea of what this website actually is… But those of you who’ve never heard of either, you’re missing out.

FOUND! Magazine, first published in 2001, is a yearly magazine full of things that people have found throughout the nation. Whether they are shopping lists, funny notes, gloves, or stories that were made better because of these items, people send them into the magazine and they show up in the print edition. It’s an interesting take on the daily life of the human race and it’s a huge guilty pleasure of mine (I guess it’s not necessarily a guilty pleasure… but whatever!). You can check out FOUND! Magazine here!

Anyway, FFFFOUND! is much like the magazine, except it’s all internet images. People can post their favorite images, and it’s basically just a bunch of crazy images from flickr, tumblr, and other crazy websites!

Here’s a few examples: (Click the pictures to check out FFFFOUND!)


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