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Day 242: I Bought The Wrong Bananas

11 Feb



11 Feb

Described as only “An animated gif paranoia about nonstop design workers”, I AM NOT AN ARTIST is kind of a lot to take in. But if you get a chance, check it out! All the gifs are really neat, and I love checking them out myself!

Click here to check out I AM NOT AN ARTIST

Day 240: [SUPER BELATED] The Blessed Breeze by The Fruit Bats

11 Feb

I hear this song all the time, and I thought you guys would like it!

It’s so happy!

Enjoy “The Blessed Breeze” by The Fruit Bats

Day 239: [SUPER BELATED] Why Gob is amazing.

11 Feb

If you’ve never seen Arrested Development, go watch it now. I’m not joking.


11 Feb

This band is incredible! I first heard of them on the website for Paste Magazine and I fell in love. Ever since then, I haven’t been able to get them out of my head.

Unfortunately, they are super underground… so check them out at this website! (and listen to Indiscriminate… it’s my favorite song)!

I'm in love

Day 237: [SUPER BELATED] Everlasting Shine Blockaz by Wick-It The Instigator

11 Feb

For my third post, I wanted to feature an awesome mashup of two very different artists: Big Boi (the rapper) and the Black Keys.

This whole mixtape is soooo goood! But this is my favorite song: “Everlasting Shine Blockaz” feat. Gucci Mane (a secret guilty pleasure of mine).

Enjoy this awesome stuff, and click here to download the whole mixtape!

Day 236: [SUPER BELATED] Periodically Double Or Triple by Yo La Tengo

11 Feb

I love this song. So So SO SO SO much.

And I really want to see Yo La Tengo when they come to Eugene like next week. If you live here, let me know if you want to go!

Anyways, I love this song, and the video is slightly more than creepy. But I love it.

So enjoy “Periodically Double Or Triple” by Yo La Tengo!

Day 235: [SUPER BELATED] RIP The White Stripes!

11 Feb

So, for the first of 8 freaking posts, I wanted to feature a White Stripes song!

The duo has officially called it quits (no, not because of getting-along, drug, alcohol, rehab, music, or technical issues… they’re just through). And while this may not be the saddest news to many people, I will always have a special place in my heart for The White Stripes!

So enjoy “The Hardest Button To Button” by the glorious White Stripes. You’ll live on in my soul!