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Day 252: Dumb I Sound/ATLiens by Tor (featuring Sufjan Stevens and Outkast)

21 Feb

Hey everyone!

I lied yesterday about how I was gonna write a long blog post. Tonight it’s gonna be shorter then yesterday… sorry!

But I do have a really cool mashup for you guys today. “Dumb I Sound/ATLiens” is a Sufjan Stevens/Outkast mashup of epic proportions… it’s just cool sounding and really chill to listen to.

Warning, it might have bad lyrics… just in case you’re at work and your boss is like next door or something!

Anywhoo if you like this chill mix, you can download the whole mix CD here! (it’s all Sufjan and a whole bunch of awesome rappers!)

Enjoy “Dumb I Sound/ATLiens” mixed by Tor (feat. Sufjan Stevens and Outkast)