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Day 279: The Bucket

20 Mar

This game is just too cute to pass up. Made by the wonderful Nitrome, “The Bucket” is a really cute little 8-bit game where you (as a fish/bonsai tree) carry a raccoon in a basket through a complicated maze.

It sounds easy, but it’s a bit challenging. However, my favorite part is just how random it is… the plot doesn’t make sense, and yet it’s so adorable – especially the fish/bonsai when it completes a level!

So enjoy “The Bucket”, and check out more games at! (Click the picture to play the game)


Click here to play "The Bucket" at

Day 272: [SUPER BELATED 4 of 7] Free Running

17 Mar

I’m featuring another game mainly because I haven’t featured a game in a long time.

I’m totally addicted to Free Running. Basically, it’s a 3D HARDCORE PARKOUR (or, according to Wikipedia: “a utilitarian discipline based upon the successful, swift and energy-efficient traversing of one’s surrounding environment via the practical application of techniques, based around the concept of self-preservation and the ability to help others”). You run and jump on walls and stuff to get places fast.

This game is a simplified version of that, and it’s pretty fun. I guess it’s for those of us too lazy to actually figure out HARDCORE PARKOUR.

Click the picture to play!

Click here to play "Free Running" on

Also, as a bonus, here’s a video from “The Office” (sorry for the bad quality):

Day 270: [SUPER BELATED 2 of 7] Hello Worlds!

17 Mar

For post number two, I’d like to dedicate this to my roommate Jamie (she’ll know why).

I found this game the other day and I really enjoyed playing it (especially playing as the turtle with the hat). It’s a puzzle game where you have to work your way through a level by focusing on three or more different screens. It’s really difficult to describe, so you should probably just check it out!

Click the picture to play!

Click here to play "Hellow Worlds!" on

Day 204: Three Towers Solitaire

4 Jan

Hey guys!

I’m gonna post short tonight, mainly because I’ve had a looooooooong day, but I want to feature one of my favorite games.

Three Tower Solitaire is actually not that hard. At the bottom of the screen, you have a face card (say it’s the number 8). Above are three triangular shapes of cards with all the bottom turned up. You can choose a number either above or below 8 and continue until you can’t. When you’re stuck, you can click the long line of cards at the bottom to pick as your new face card. You win the round when you get rid of all the triangles at the top!

I probably made that way more difficult… just check out Three Towers Solitaire!

Click here to play "Three Towers Solitaire"

Day 202: [BELATED] Shift!

3 Jan

Hey guys!

Sorry again for yet another late post… Sunday I moved back to Eugene for the next term and was just mentally exhausted when I got back!

For yesterday’s post, I wanted to feature a really awesome game that I thoroughly enjoy playing!

It’s called “Shift” and there are now six different versions of the game (including one for the iphone or ipod touch!)

The rules are pretty simple… get to the door in each level to continue. In order to get there, you have to unlock certain areas and learn to shift from being light to being dark (hint: the key word is “SHIFT”.)

It’s a really neat game, and all versions (except the downloadable one) are available on

Enjoy “Shift”!

Click here to play "Shift"

Day 199: [BELATED] Factory Balls 2

31 Dec

Hey guys!

Before you laugh at the title (don’t worry, my mind is slightly in the gutter), check out this game from armor games! It’s a puzzle game where you dye balls to look like the example in the corner. It’s a LOT harder than it looks!

See for yourself! (and check out the christmas edition and the original game!)

Click here to play "Factory Balls 2"

Day 184: Flight

15 Dec

Hey Guys!

I’ve got another game for you today called flight!

The premise of the game is that a little kid wants to see their mother for Christmas, and sends a letter to santa via paper plane. When it lands all over the world, other people write notes to send around the world. Your job is to control the plane!

It’s pretty simple, you throw the paper airplane and add upgrades to make it fly further. The animation is cute and the music is great! It’s a cute little game to keep you occupied!

So enjoy “Flight” off of!

Click here to play "Flight" at!

Day 182: Love

13 Dec

Love is a many splendorous thing, eh?

Well, for today I wanted to feature a simple game from armor games about love!

All you do is connect the squares together without crashing into the walls or into the other black squares. And that’s really it, all you do is keep it up!

But even in it’s simplicity, it is very calming!

Enjoy “Love”.

Click here to play "Love" on

Day 151: Omnom Forest

12 Nov

Hello there! If this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page at the top for more info on my project! Also, sign the guestbook (also located in the top)!

I’ve got some good stuff planned for this coming week! First, I have an interview with a band (who is awesome by the way), and next week is going to be another themed week (that has to do with adorable guys with banjos and clouds).

But for today, I have a simple game called “Omnom Forest”.

Loosely based on the movie My Neighbor Totoro, the point of the game is to have the little totoro-like things eat fruit and avoid acorns. Sound simple enough? Just wait… it gets surprisingly difficult!

I love this game. It’s so sweet and the noise they make is so adorkable. Plus, wait until you see what you have to do to calm them down if you make them mad!!

So enjoy “Omnom Forest”!

(click the image to play the game!)

Click Here To Play Omnom Forest

Day 127: The University of Oregon Fight Song!

25 Sep

Hey guys, if this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page at the top for more info on my project! Also, sign the guestbook (also located in the top)!

The Ducks (my team!) are playing Arizona State University today! Let’s go Ducks!

In honor of my favorite team, I’ve decided to post the UO Fight Song! Clap along, if you like!