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Day 290: [BELATED] Back To The Future photos

26 Apr

Hey everyone!

So I found this gallery a few months back, and it’s just really neat.

Irina Werning is working on a project (mostly) in Buenos Aires where she finds people with old-school photos of them as a kid and then recreates the exact same picture now. Each picture gives a little insight into how these people lived their lives, and what makes it so interesting is to see how nothing has really changed!

I selected a few to put below, but I love how even the composition of how the picture was shot is the same, and for the most part the clothing stays as close to normal as possible. It’s incredible what you can do as a photographer!

Check out these and others by clicking the pictures! There will be more additions in 2011, so look out for those too!

Ato 1992 & 2010, Buenos Aires

Irina Werning: MY PARENTS IN 1970 & 2010, Buenos A

: DAMIAN IN 1989 & 2010, London

: CECILE IN 1987 & 2010, France

Day 268: A Softer World

9 Mar

For today’s post, I wanted to feature an online comic that takes me by surprise every time I visit it.

“A Softer World,” by Joey Comeau and Emily Horne, takes a look at the secret minds of people in daily situations with a hipster touch. With strange photographs and cut-out word documents of phrases, it’s a piece of art every week.

I really like it because it doesn’t shy away from the dark and intense topics, but it also reignites the silly moments in life. It’s creative, it’s strangely realistic, and it’s beautiful!

Below are a couple examples from the past few weeks. But you can check out more in the archives section if you’d like. Just click the pictures to see more, and hopefully you’ll see “a softer world” we live in.

click the pics to see the website!


11 Feb

Described as only “An animated gif paranoia about nonstop design workers”, I AM NOT AN ARTIST is kind of a lot to take in. But if you get a chance, check it out! All the gifs are really neat, and I love checking them out myself!

Click here to check out I AM NOT AN ARTIST


27 Jan

Hey everyone! Sorry for the belated post…

Today I wanted to feature a website I really like called “FFFFOUND!”

If you’ve ever seen FOUND! Magazine, you might have an idea of what this website actually is… But those of you who’ve never heard of either, you’re missing out.

FOUND! Magazine, first published in 2001, is a yearly magazine full of things that people have found throughout the nation. Whether they are shopping lists, funny notes, gloves, or stories that were made better because of these items, people send them into the magazine and they show up in the print edition. It’s an interesting take on the daily life of the human race and it’s a huge guilty pleasure of mine (I guess it’s not necessarily a guilty pleasure… but whatever!). You can check out FOUND! Magazine here!

Anyway, FFFFOUND! is much like the magazine, except it’s all internet images. People can post their favorite images, and it’s basically just a bunch of crazy images from flickr, tumblr, and other crazy websites!

Here’s a few examples: (Click the pictures to check out FFFFOUND!)

Day 221: A little bit of butt abs and creepy pirates (aka Three Word Phrase)

21 Jan

Hey guys!

I’m exhausted and I’m going to make a small post tonight.

This is one of my favorite comics ever… it’s called “Three Word Phrase” by Ryan Pequin (who is a damn hilarious man) and it’s random and awesome.

Warning: some of these comics are a bit explicit, but they’re mostly silly. And I love them so.

Here are three of my favorites… click the pictures for more!

Check out these comics and more at Three Word Phrase. You can also follow Ryan Pequin on twitter, which is awesome.

Day 208: [BELATED]

9 Jan

Hey guys!
Sorry for (yet again) another belated post! This weekend has been stocked with crazy moments and lots of just hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in a while.

Anyway, on to the post!

My teacher said that he was addicted to a website called “”. Intrigued, I checked it out myself, and I am sort of totally addicted as well. If you’ve ever been to the site Flickr (which is where I normally post my pictures), you know that it’s a website where you can upload and manage photos. Flickriver takes random pictures from Flickr and places them on an endless loop for people to look at.

It generates a new batch of pictures each day, and it is pretty incredible (plus, placed upon a black background, it’s an easy website to look at).

Here are some pictures from today… check them out at by clicking on the pictures. (also, if you really like the pics, you can click on them on and find the photographer and their other work!)


Enjoy these (and TONS more) at!

Day 183: Dudes With Beards Eating Cupcakes

14 Dec

Hey guys.

So, if you know me (and you probably do by now), you must know that I have a ridiculous love for facial hair.

For example, this last weekend I got a mustache tattooed on my right hand pointer finger. If you don’t believe me, check out the picture below


I feel so classy!

Anyway, yes. I love beards. I love mustaches. I love side burns. I (somewhat) love a combination of the three.

So, in belated honor of my birthday, I wanted to feature a website that made me so happy when my friend showed me.

A few months back I featured a website called “Cute boys with cats“, which is a tumblr of photos dedicated to exactly that. The website for today is much in the same field, but instead of cute boys with cats it’s “Dudes with beards eating cupcakes“.

Not joking.


I'm serious.

cute guy eating cupcake in a van (?!!)

man on bike with cupcake (that's a dangerous game!)

Either this man is too excited to eat that cupcake or he doesn't want it a lot!

mmm that's hot XD

Take it back: this is hot... or disturbing... can't tell the difference

Seriously guys, this website rocks.

Ch-ch-ch-check it out here: Dudes With Beards Eating Cupcakes (or click any of the pictures).

Day 167: Seattle during the Thanksgiving Weekend

28 Nov

Hello everyone!

So my roommate Jamie and I went to the Seattle area for Thanksgiving, and boy did we have a lot of fun! We spent Black Friday in Downtown Seattle, taking in the sites and smells of the big city. On Saturday, we went to Pike Place Market and Archie Mcphees in Ballard, afterwards taking a trip to Bellevue Square to see a spontaneous parade! Throughout the week, we wandered around Redmond, taking in the beautiful site of the snow covered land. It was a great trip!

For today’s post, I have decided to feature some of the best pictures we took, from both Jamie and me.



The hills about Eugene, so pretty in the snow!

The gateway into Washington!

I'm a-drinkin' my coffee at Bellevue Square (photo by Jamie)

Jamie and I enjoying the snow in Redmond (photo by Jamie)

The train tracks in Redmond in the snow (photo by Jamie)

They go on for yards....

The Space Needle (photo by Jamie)

Jamie and I enjoying the Fountain!

His nose was itchy!! (photo by Jamie)

Jamie in front of the EMP!

It's winter-y at the Space Needle!

Cafe Ladro by the Paramount is still wonderful on the inside!

My city never sleeps

I love books turned into decorations!

I want to live in the building with red windowsills

My favorite place in Seattle: Pike Place Market

My roomie and I enjoying the sound!

I love Seattle too much!!

Day 162: Rosemary Travale and her Mystical Artwork!

23 Nov

Hello everyone!

So while on twitter yesterday, I came across a cool website by Miss Rosemary Travale. She is an artist based out of Ontario, Canada (where she “grew up dreaming of adventures on the high seas.”), and all of her artwork is playful and fun to look at!

Really, I mean what’s better than a bearded man in underwear?

Or a man that is made out of a tree?

Or, what about Wonderwoman’s secret passion?!

It’s great times.

Check out her other artwork (and download some kick-ass stuff) at her website: Rosemary Travale!

Also, on a random note, which would make a better tattoo (from the pictures below)? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Out of these, the rushmore one

Or the Royal Tenenbaums one?











Big thanks to Miss Rosemary Travale for allowing me to post these pictures! I adore them and I hope all you do too!

Day 161: This comic…

22 Nov

…. made my day!

In honor of the cold weather and the impending feel of winter on our tails, I wanted to feature just this comic strip.

It’s from a website called “Double Fine” and it’s simply drawn by the creator Scott C. I looked at the site for the first time today, and so far I adore it.

So, stay warm and cozy and enjoy this comic!

Click here to check out more comics!!