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Day 216: [BELATED] Final Ode of the day: David Arquette (specifically in Roadracers)

17 Jan

Hey guys!

We love David Arquette

Last night, my friend Ally and I had a movie night that went from Robert Rodriguez films to a strange, mini-David Arquette Fest. And while we harped and laughed at his acting, we realized something important:


Yeah, he may not be the greatest actor alive, but he is definitely one of those people that just wins over my heart.

We watched Roadracers (1994), which is like a fake 50s movie by Rodriguez… starring David Arquette and Salma Hayek. It was a little rough around the edges, mainly because it was a made-for-tv-movie, but Arquette had a solid performance and it was pretty great!

Then we moved on to Scream (1996), which, in its defense, is made to be a little bit silly… but Arquette’s character was super silly and super comic relief. Which just made me smile. Long live Deputy Dewey!

He sure is enjoying that ice cream cone.

In addition to these movies, I’ve always loved him in one of my guilty pleasures Eight Legged Freaks (2002), where he gets chased by enormous spiders. To be honest, I saw that movie in theaters and have watched it thousands of times on TV, and I never once regretted my (secret) crush on D. Arquette.

He seems like a genuinely nice guy in real life, and I can’t help but love his characters.

So when you’re sad and you need a pick me up, put a little David Arquette in your soul and you’ll feel so much better!

Here’s the preview for Roadracers:

Day 76: The Suburbs by Arcade Fire

4 Aug

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Yesterday, I bought the new Arcade Fire CD. While it is more playful and less amazing than Neon Bible, The Suburbs is a fun addition to my CD collection.

The title track is definitely my favorite on the CD, but there are many others that shine as bright! (Specifically “Deep Blue”, “Suburban War”, and “We Used To Wait”)

However “The Suburbs” has my favorite lyric: “So can you understand/Why I want a daughter while I’m still young?/I want to hold her hand/And show her some beauty/Before all the damage is done/But if it’s too much to ask/If it’s too much to ask/Then send me a son”

I love this song, and I hope you do too. Enjoy “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire. By the way, this video was fan-made, and I think it is amazingly fantastic!!! Great job, SocktoSong!