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Day 85: Ultimatum by John Roderick

13 Aug

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With two more days left in Paste mag video week, I bring you “Ultimatum” by John Roderick.

As a living resident of Seattle, John Roderick is one of the legendary alt-rock icons of the Pacific Northwest. He is founder and lead singer of The Long Winters, and writes articles, stories, blogs, and tweets in his spare time (as well as visits with his friends and helps out his fellow musician buddies). He is incredibly nice and an interesting person.

I’ve had the great fortune to meet him and do an interview, which I will be posting at a sooner-but-later date on this blog!!

If you’re a fan of Death Cab For Cutie or The Decemberists, check out the Long Winters and John Roderick!

Anyway, this song is absolutely gorgeous. The words and tune fit together in perfect harmony, and the fact that this version is live just blows my mind! I hope that someday somebody sings this song to me!

Enjoy “Ultimatum” by John Roderick