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Day 219: [BELATED] Strange Vine by Delta Spirit

20 Jan

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late post… This week has been both a stressful one and a strange one…

Regardless, I wanted to post this song yesterday because it makes me smile.

In these high times of stress for me, I’ve been relying on music that puts a smile on my face r brings me through my day a little easier.

Delta Spirit is one of those bands that does that for me!

I saw these guys open for the Shins about 2 years ago, and while my beloved shins were good Delta Spirit blew them out of the water! The band was gritty, edgy, but knew how to make a crowd go from uninterested to buying an album. I myself bought their debut album Ode To Sunshine at the concert, and even got Matt Vasquez (the lead singer) and Jon Jameson (the bassist) to sign it. Honestly, the greatest part for me was the insane bear hug that Vasquez gave me (for no reason) when I said that I had just become a fan… he is insanely good looking and it was awesome.

The song I picked off the album, “Strange Vine”, is not the most well-known song they’ve done, but it defines my life… a little rough around the edges but upbeat. I love to throw it on when I’m feeling down in the dumps because it always brings me right back out.

If you really like this song, I highly recommend their other music. It’s all the same, bluegrass, folky, alt-rock music and it’s all really awesome!

So enjoy “Strange Vine” by Delta Spirit