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Day 254: Don’t Let The Devil by Jackie Greene

24 Feb

Hey everyone!

Picture courtesy of Michael Reiner

For today’s post, I wanted to get some blues out there (to essentially contribute to the stormy weather).

A few weeks back, me and Michael, a friend of mine, went to see Jackie Greene at WOW Hall. I had zero expectations, so I was thoroughly surprised at how great the concert was! With the bluesy-rock feel and the Hendrix-style guitar solos, I became an instant fan.

I loved how Jackie Greene used all different guitars and instruments to explore the genre he was rocking, actively getting the audience to feel the music like he does. With two acts, a fantastic arrangement of guitars, a 70s electric organ (can you say LOVE?!), and a great voice, he embodied the soul of the 70s. Impressive for such a young artist!

Anyway I had a great time at the concert (thanks Mike!) and I’m proud to say that I’m a Jackie Greene fan from now on!

Here’s an acoustic version of “Don’t Let The Devil” (which was one of my favorite songs he played). It’s really awesome and I’m glad to see this guy still rocks hard acousticly as well as full-band-ly.

Enjoy “Don’t Let The Devil” by Jackie Greene!

Day 93: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

21 Aug

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The Coen Brothers are geniuses. They are the creative force behind so many brilliant films, and are responsible for one of my all time favorite movies: O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000).

The movie is loosely based on the Odyssey, but it follows the journey of three jailbirds in the 1930s as they search for a great treasure. Delmar, Pete, and Everett are chain-gang members who break out and travel through the countryside of great-depression hit Mississippi, encountering troubles with police, evil governors, the Ku Klux Klan, and even Babyface Nelson. What they find is not necessarily treasure, but what the true meaning of home is.

It’s an epic period piece, and it is gorgeously shot and colored (really giving that feel of the 30s). The cast is unbelievably amazing, and the music is to die for. Honestly, I’ve never seemed to find anything I didn’t like about this movie. It’s just… I guess I’m lost for words when it comes to this movie.

So if you’ve never seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Here’s my favorite scene in the whole movie:

(p.s. the song in this scene is called “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” by Chris Thomas King. If you want to hear it for reals, click here. it is incredible)

Day 6: Wheres Your Love Go by Slimpickins

26 May

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Good news everyone! I just found out that I get to write for an online magazine called “Sick Of The Radio!” I’ll post the link at a later date when I actually have writing online…

Apart from that, I had a fantastic moment today…

As I was walking to my Jazz history class, I noticed how bright and sunny it was, considering the impending rain storm on the way. I carried my canvas bag instead of my backpack, and I left my sweatshirt lying gracefully on my bed.

However, as I exited my class around 5:20, I noticed that it had not only begun to rain outside, but it was pouring. And by pouring, I mean pouring.

My classroom is about 10-15 minutes walking distance from my dorm, and I was stuck with a canvas bag, bare shoulders, flats on my feet, and a skirt. And as I took the trek home I not only practically destroyed my shoes, I got completely and utterly soaked.

But instead of freaking out about the situation, I laughed.

I laughed and laughed.

What a weird and glorious world this is that I would underestimate the power of Oregon weather! But at least it caught me ready and willing to walk home in the rain.

Anyways, on my way home, I put on my favorite little weird band that I heard over spring break. They’re called Slimpickins, and apart from playing in front of Starbucks, they are known for playing festivals and pubs around the Seattle area. They are so adorable, and their songs always make me smile.

So enjoy their song “Wheres Your Love Go”, with a slideshow of pictures!