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Day 50: Ode to sweet British lady

9 Jul

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So today was rough. But, because this blog is about optimism, I’ll spare you the details and head right into the blogpost!

I promise this is the last time I shamelessly advertise urban craft uprising, but it’s tomorrow. So come say hi and check it out! It’s awesome!

Anyways, today I bring you a short blog (mainly because my computer is out of commission… meaning I’m using my mum’s slow laptop)

Today I bring you an impromptu poem about a lady I met this morning.

Ode To A Sweet British Lady

I saw you this morning
About to be run over by a car
And as the red corvette ripped around the corner
You made angry-but-polite gestures.
I’ve never met you
But we shared a connection
As I stood on the street watching your near-demise.
You stopped me for a second
Told me your thoughts about driving
And what we should do about intersections
But instead of being mad at the near-death experience
You wear a smile to start your day right.
With a pat on my shoulder
And your British accent,
You say “Have a good day!”
And I know I’ll be okay
Because if you can wear a smile,
So can I

Remember, next week I’ve got a special blog post! Look forward to that!