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Day 268: A Softer World

9 Mar

For today’s post, I wanted to feature an online comic that takes me by surprise every time I visit it.

“A Softer World,” by Joey Comeau and Emily Horne, takes a look at the secret minds of people in daily situations with a hipster touch. With strange photographs and cut-out word documents of phrases, it’s a piece of art every week.

I really like it because it doesn’t shy away from the dark and intense topics, but it also reignites the silly moments in life. It’s creative, it’s strangely realistic, and it’s beautiful!

Below are a couple examples from the past few weeks. But you can check out more in the archives section if you’d like. Just click the pictures to see more, and hopefully you’ll see “a softer world” we live in.

click the pics to see the website!

Day 220: It’s Just A Delta Spirit Kind Of Day (Children)

20 Jan

Hello again!

So my last post was about the alt-bluegrass/folky band Delta Spirit…

And while I was trying to think of another topic to talk about today, the only thing on my mind was Delta Spirit.

So instead of posting something completely different, I wanted to post another DS song that I love called “Children”.

This one is a bit different than the previous post (“Strange Vine”), mainly because it is much faster and much more “hopeful” sounding. I love this song because it pumps me up for the day and makes me wanna jump around!

So enjoy “Children” by Delta Spirit, and check out the post from earlier today for more info about the band and some of their other music!

Sorry for the live video… but, in a way I’m not… they are incredible live!!