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Day 168: Doncamatic (All Played Out) by Gorillaz feat. Daley

29 Nov

Hello everyone!

Man oh man this week is already off to a crazy start! For us college students, it’s dead week… aka the week where everything falls apart.

Yes, I’m crazy stressed, but I always like to remember that this blog is there for a reason! In the midst of all this chaos, there is still some cool stuff out there.

Like, for example, Gorillaz’s new single “Doncamatic (All Played Out)” feat. Daley. At first, I reeeeeeallly didn’t like this song… it’s weird, and not the Gorillaz-norm (and, if you know me, I’m a huge fan of Gorillaz).

But, after I saw the music video, I couldn’t shake the rhythm out of my mind! It’s fun to sing along to, and fun to just groove out to!

Plus, the video makes me smile. As a big fan of the ocean and an ex-marine-biologist-wannabe, the underwater theme just made me smile!

So I hope you enjoy “Doncamatic (All Played Out)” by Gorillaz feat. Daley. And sorry if this song gets stuck in your head for days. I can’t get it out of my head!

Day 13: Vaporize by The Broken Bells

2 Jun

Hello there! If this is your first time on the website, be sure to check out the top right hand corner (the about page) to see exactly what my project is all about.

Hello all. Today is once again a dreary day, however I did find my daily does of awesome, in the form of a collaboration between two of my all time favorite musicians!

Broken Bells is a side project of The Shins’ frontman James Mercer and notoriously awesome producer Danger Mouse. The music is chill, very psychadelic in some senses, and totally boss!

Because today has not been the best, I’ve been listening to their debut, self-titled album pretty consistently. So today I bring you “Vaporize” by Broken Bells!