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Day 54: Ottoman by Vampire Weekend

13 Jul

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For the last two days, I’ve been talking about some really great movies I love. So today, I want to continue what I’ve started and talk about another really great movie: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

Nick, an awkward straight guy in a gay band (played by Michael Cera), is trying to get over his ex-girlfriend that he was a little too attached to. Norah, a sort-of-outgoing chick with a crazy best friend (played by Kat Dennings), is trying to keep her friend from making horrible decisions as a result of drinking. When Nick sees his ex at one of his concerts, he decides to find a fake girlfriend, and when Norah, who is friends with Nick’s ex, is tested for being “lame,” she goes the limits and kisses Nick on a whim. Thus begins the night of their lives, full of missing friends, a crappy Yugo, great music, a hidden concert, a douchy boyfriend (played by Jay Baruchel), and love without realizing it.

This movie is one of those cheesy movies that are aimed towards teenagers, but ever since I saw it for the first time, I’ve been a huge fan.

Here’s the preview:

My favorite part of the movie, however, is the music. A few months after the movie came out, I bought the soundtrack and brought it with me to a work-out session. By the end of the 40 minutes, I was incredibly impressed and totally in love with the music of the movie. Every song brought out something in me… a story. Yeah, sure, the songs were featured in the movie, and I can imagine Nick and Norah in the Yugo, listening to “Our Swords” by Band Of Horses. But when I hear the song, I can see something completely different in my head.

But my most favorite song on the whole CD is “Ottoman” by Vampire Weekend. The song begins the credits at the end of the movie, and whenever it pops up on my ipod, I can’t help but play it over and over and over again. It is a handsome song, and I can’t do without it in my life!

So enjoy, “Ottoman” by Vampire Weekend, from Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

P.S. tune in tomorrow or thursday for the special blog post!!

Day 49: My Cardboard Life

8 Jul

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Just like yesterday, I said in my blogpost that I’d mention more information about URBAN CRAFT UPRISING, so here it is

  • This saturday and sunday (July 10th & 11th) at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall
  • Free admission!
  • Come look at neat projects from cool indie artists from around the nation (including SchmancyCake SpyFigs & GingerMonkey Sock MonkeyUgly Babygo robot!, and many many more!)
  • Raffle, prizes, craft demos, and much more!

Come check it out! Also, I’ll be volunteering on the Saturday from 8:00am to 1:00pm! Come say hi to me!

Also, I will have a special blogpost coming up next week sometime, but it’s a surprise! Get excited. GET EXCITED. But not too excited.

Okay, so for today’s post I have two things

1. After posting the documentary yesterday, my mother requested that I mention at least something about a movie called Animals Are Beautiful People. Basically, the movie is a fake documentary about a lot of real and semi-fake animals. While it receives a lot of controversy for animal cruelty, it was something I laughed at as a child. Besides, the 70s were a different time.

Here’s a clip from it (one of my personal favorites)

2. Last week, I showed you one of my favorite webcomics (called “Johnny Wander”). Today, I bring you another webcomic that makes me smile.

My Cardboard Life tells the story of a small square of Cardboard named Colin and his friends Pauline (made of paper) and Polar Bear (made of cloth). Each day they get into antics with their other friends, like a ladies man band-aid, a sponge with foil life, and, of course, CARDBOARD CARL (or Colin’s dad).

The reason I like it so much is because it is a different kind of comic… Each panel is made up of paper, cardboard, cloth, socks, band-aids, leaves, and really anything to make it look like a little world. It’s imaginative and adorable!

Here’s one of my favorite comics of the past couple of days!

Click the picture to go check out more!!

Day 41: Smile (Version Revisited) by Lily Allen

30 Jun

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Once more, I’m crunched on time! But tonight I’m bringing you the top three things of today:

1. A family friend had her second baby today! It’s a little boy named Mason, and he is the cutest thing! I got to hold him, and the whole time he made little cooing noises and fell asleep. More than adorable! Here’s a picture:

Welcome to the world, Mason!

Congratulations, Amber and Daniel!

2. I got some really great pics of the clouds over the past two days… check out my two favorites!


Taken w/ Hipstamatic app. Also pretty!

Do you like clouds as much as me? I feel weird saying that, but it’s true!

3. Finally, today has been a Lily Allen kind of day. I love listening to her music because it always reminds me of summertime. Lovin’ it!

This is her song “Smile”, but it has been revisited (and it is almost more happy sounding than the original! I love it!). So yeah, enjoy

WARNING: this song does contain some language, so be forewarned!!

Have a nice one everyone!

Day 29: Again & Again by The Bird And The Bee

18 Jun

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Hey-howdy-hey everyone! Sorry this post is so late! I’ve only got 10 minutes, so this post will be short and sweet.

Today I spent my whole day with my mom in her office and in Auburn. We had a terrific time, and we danced and sang to this awesome CD in my mom’s car. The first song is not only my ringtone, but it’s also one of my favorite happy sounding songs.

“Again & Again” by The Bird And The Bee may sound intense and maybe even angry, but it is really a great song that I love to sing along with and smile. I adore it. (plus the video is awesome).

Check it out!

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Have a good night!!

Day 24: A Grand Day Out (in Washington)

13 Jun

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Yesterday, I mentioned that I spent the day with my mom, which turned out perfectly. The weather was beautiful, the music was wonderful, and the day was fantastic.

Luckily, I got some great pictures of the scenery in and around the area where I live. So enjoy these pictures!

Sorry for the long post, and thanks again to all my blog readers! You guys are awesome!


Day 5: Happy Birthday Flashmob

25 May

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Hopefully you all are having such a nice day today! I know I am (even though it’s pouring outside).

First of all, this website has been looked at almost 100 times in the past 5 days, so thanks so much! I really appreciate the love and all of you.

Second of all, the video I have for you today is quite possibly the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time! I promise to take some pictures for the blog in the upcoming weeks, but I just had to share this with you.

Some of you may have already seen this video before, but it nearly made me cry the first time I saw it! Here’s the back story:

A bus driver in Denmark picked up what he thought was just an ordinary group of citizens on a daily trip, but he soon learned that they were working together to give him the best birthday ever. I dare you to watch this and not smile:

I’m not gonna lie, this makes me cry everytime I watch it. There are some truly wonderful people in the world.