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Day 211: Killin’ The Vibe by Ducktails (feat. Panda Bear)

11 Jan

Hey guys!

Unfortunately, today’s post is to a link because I cannot actually put the song on the blog… but I urge everyone to click the picture below and go listen to the song!

It’s called “Killin’ The Vibe” by indie band Ducktails. It features the backup of other indie band Panda Bear, Dent May (who I absolutely love), and Jarvis Taveniere (of the band Woods). It’s really chill and really great!

Enjoy “Killin’ The Vibe”!

Click here to listen to "Killin' The Vibe" by Ducktails, Feat. Panda Bear

Day 163: Meet Me In The Garden by Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele

24 Nov

Hello hello!

So, I am gonna make a short blog post tonight (mainly because I’m exhausted from the drive to Seattle (with my loverly room mate Jamie!)

Today I feature Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele in a song called “Meet Me In The Garden.”

It’s odd, sort of creepy, and absolutely fabulous.

Honestly, I have nothing more to say, so enjoy the song!