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Day 123: The World Of Jenks

21 Sep

Click Here To Check Out "The World Of Jenks"

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I’ve had a pretty long day of being out and about… drinking coffee and buying vinyls. But when I got home this evening with my roomates and sat down for a little TV time, we turned on a show called “World Of Jenks” and fell madly in love.

Here’s the premise of the show: Andrew Jenks is a documentary filmmaker (a cute one at that) who decides to immerse himself into a different person’s life for a week. Each episode consists of him becoming friends with each of the people he features and takes a look into each of their lives. The first episode was a rap-star, the second was a man with autism, and the third was a woman living on the streets of San Francisco.

It’s shocking, but it is also incredible.

But the best part of the show is that Jenks really cares about these people. He gave the woman living on the street a cell phone because he was worried about her safety and he gave her a big, caring hug.

By doing these simple things, learning about these people, he is changing their lives and opening the world’s eyes to different types of people.

Even Jenks is surprised with his own project:

“On day one of filming, I always have an idea of what the story is for each character. I have an idea of what is at stake. But I always leave with a different perspective and thus a story that I never saw coming.”

I completely respect everything about this show, and even found myself in tears watching him help these people.

I highly recommend the show (on MTV, monday at 10 pm), and I hope that it opens your eyes to the world around you.

Check out an episode down here:


Day 33: Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends

22 Jun

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So tonight, I saw Toy Story 3 with my good friend Kaitlin. Let me just say, I have not cried so hard in a movie theater in my entire life. If you are planning on seeing it, make sure you bring lots and lots and lots and LOTS of kleenex. It’s a great movie, but you will cry.

Today continues Cartoon Network week!

Ironically, after I picked today’s topic, I realized that this kind of shadows Toy Story in a way.

My post for today is a really terrific show called “Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends.” The plot of the show is as follows: a little kid lives in an apartment with his older brother and his mother. Because he is lonely and sad, he creates an imaginary friend named Bloo (which is a blue blob) that wreaks havoc. The little boy (named Mac) is told he needs to get rid of his imaginary friend, and he finds a home for him at an old mansion called Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, where kids can abandon their imaginary friends (like an orphanage). This show, although a little sad and awkward, was silly, fun, and really creative.

This show is near and dear to me, mainly because I used to have an imaginary friend myself. The idea that my imaginary friend would be able to be adopted and loved by another kid makes me feel happy and a little better about growing up.

Anyways, the show was cancelled (I guess it didn’t appeal to everyone), but it lives on in cartoon network history!

Click on the picture to watch an episode of the show!

P.S. Check out the games. because they are adorable,

P.P.S. I watched an episode of Adventure Time this morning, and I take back what I said: it’s hilarious!!