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Day 279: The Bucket

20 Mar

This game is just too cute to pass up. Made by the wonderful Nitrome, “The Bucket” is a really cute little 8-bit game where you (as a fish/bonsai tree) carry a raccoon in a basket through a complicated maze.

It sounds easy, but it’s a bit challenging. However, my favorite part is just how random it is… the plot doesn’t make sense, and yet it’s so adorable – especially the fish/bonsai when it completes a level!

So enjoy “The Bucket”, and check out more games at nitrome.com! (Click the picture to play the game)


Click here to play "The Bucket" at nitrome.com

Day 189: The Deep

20 Dec

Hey guys!

I saw this video earlier, and even though it’s only like 2 minutes long, it is incredibly gorgeous!

The film is called “The Deep” and it’s a stop-motion animated film about the various creatures of the deep. All the fish and landscape is made using metal, and it’s incredible!

Enjoy “The Deep”!