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4 May

The Room, written, directed and starring Tommy Wiseau

So, I didn’t get to expand on this yesterday, but I wanted to feature something (now) near and dear to my heart.

This last Saturday I got to attend a “The Room” party, which went from being a Rocky Horror Picture Show-like movie experience to a drunken crazy-fest. And, strangely enough, this is exactly how The Room (2003) needs to be watched: with a little bit of lighthearted silliness.

The movie is a disaster, to say the least. It’s full of plot holes, soap-opera lines, and melodramatic acting… not to mention how creepy all of the characters are (I’m looking at you, Denny!!). But what makes it so great is how classically bad it is, much like the other midnight movies out there (RHPS and Snakes On A Plane are just two examples).

After I signed up to drink every time a football was on the scene – which is ridiculous because this comes in the most ridiculous times – it was clear that everyone at this party was going to be either drunk or close to it by the end of this film. Boy, was I right!

By all means, I want to say that this movie is no Oscar winner, but the movie is classic. Whenever the main characters enter a room, they say “Oh hi _____” before getting to the point; Johnny (played by the strange Tommy Wiseau, who also wrote and directed the film) bellows out poorly-accented lines (“YOU’RE TEARING ME AHHHPAAAHHHHT LEEESAAA!”) and drinks scotchka; Denny is apparently an 18-year old drug addict that has serious parental-deficiencies as he lays in bed with Lisa and Johnny while they’re trying to get it on (mind you, Johnny wanted to adopt Denny); then there’s Mark, who’s Johnny’s best friend (and this fact is stated NUMEROUS times throughout the film) and seems like a cool guy until, you know, he sleeps with Johnny’s fiancée…. it’s like scene after scene goes by, making less and less sense.

But overall the experience was a blast. Those of us at the party pelted the make-shift screen with plastic spoons (and sometimes knives and forks) everytime the pointless spoon painting showed up in a scene, and we all yelled “GO! GO! GO!” as we travelled along with the stock footage of the Golden Gate Bridge… there were tons more, but that’s something you should find out for yourself.

I highly recommend The Room because it is an experience in itself. It may be considered the worst movie ever made (probably after Troll 2 (1990)), but it sure is a hell of a lot of fun. Especially if you don’t take it seriously (please don’t. That’s a fate worse than death!)

Here’s a preview for you to get stoked about, and if you live in Oregon, Wiseau is showing the movie in Portland towards the end of May! ENJOY (and beware!)

And thanks to Bryan for inviting me to watch this insane film. SPOON!

Day 273: [SUPER BELATED 5 of 7] Ian Is Bored: STREET FIGHTER

17 Mar

I used to be a huge fan of Smosh videos… well, I’m still a pretty big fan but back in the day I used to have a teeshirt and watched those videos with my friends like everyday!

I sort of stopped watching the videos once I hit like junior year of high school, but last year I rediscovered my love for Ian and Anthony as I began to watch “Ian Is Bored.” It’s a video series they do each week where Ian does various things because he’s bored. I love it. A whole lot.

So today I wanted to feature my favorite one, episode four “STREET FIGHTER FAIL!”

I feel the pain in this episode because I get my ass handed to me in Street Fighter pretty much every time I play!

check it out here:

Also, check out all their other videos (like Lunchtime with Smosh, which is also hilarious) on their website: smosh.com.

Day 175: Driving Lessons and Jesusland by Ben Folds

6 Dec

Hey everyone!

So today’s post features two things that I love love love love.

But before I say anything I’d like to point something out: I myself am not the most religious person. In fact, I try to shy away from the topic of religion (due to some very difficult conversations in the past). It’s not something that’s a part of my life, like many people. But I tolerate every religion, and in fact I think religion is a fascinating subject.

So, for the sake of this blog and all that it’s about, please don’t get all huffy about this song or subject. I think everyone has a fair right to their opinions, and besides it’s just a song!

Anyway, on to the blog post!

Rupert Grint is (now) a well known actor from England. If you can’t identify his name, you’d probably know him as this handsome fellow in the internationally popular series:

Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter

Yeah, you know the one…

Well, surprisingly, Rupert Grint’s career has skyrocketed in the film industry over his actor and actress counterparts. He has now starred in two films (one of which I’m focusing on tonight) and is well known for being a very dramatic actor.

But the movie Driving Lessons (2006) is one of my favorite movies that he stars in (outside of the Harry Potter series). The movie takes place in a suburb of the UK, where Ben, a shy 17-year-old, tries to find a summer job to help him get his license. His overly-Christian mother (played by Laura Linney) controls his life, but when he meets “Dame” Evie Walton (played by Julie Walters), his whole life changes. It’s a story about living life to the fullest, pausing to realize the beauty around, and questioning one’s self.

There are two things that I have to say about this movie.

First and foremost, not only is it shockingly adorable, but it fits right into the theme of this blog. Evie is an older woman who wants to have fun in her life. Ben is so shy and sheltered, he doesn’t know the meaning of fun… which is why the two together make such a great pair.

One of my favorite parts of this movie happens about half-way through. As the caretaker of this older woman, Ben is sort of forced into going camping with her in the countryside. As they go through the green trees, Ben is focusing all his energy in driving the green car (which he does not know how to drive). In the meantime, Evie sticks her head out of the window and yells (pardon my French): “It’s so fucking green!!”

This is just one of many moments throughout the movie where the scenery is focused on. Evie teaches Ben to live life to the fullest, to admire our surroundings because they are a gift in of themselves. And I took that message to heart.

Unfortunately, I could not find the clip from the movie, but hopefully you will watch it and see what I mean.

The second thing I want to say is this: there are many movies with great music, and this one falls into that category. The soundtrack is riddled with Sufjan Stevens (the emphasis), Ben Folds, and scottish/latin/ska music that just wins!

For the blog, I wanted to feature the Ben Folds song “Jesusland” from the movie. Now, in the context of the movie, it is pretty self-explanatory… Ben lives in a very Christian family, and battles with the dimensions of his religion as he develops a friendship with Evie.

But the lyrics to the song discuss a suburban paradise. It’s a gorgeous song, and the music-video, while simple, is outstanding!

So enjoy “Jesusland” by Ben Folds. Also, check out Driving Lessons. It’s a great movie and will make you smile!

Day 75: Girls With Slingshots

3 Aug

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So, I’m a nerd for webcomics. I’ve featured two of my favorites so far (Johnny Wander and Cardboard Life), but tonight I wanted to feature another that I just adore.

Warning! Some of the stuff on this comic is NSFW, but it’s still great :)

Danielle Corsetto, a petite webcomic-ette, created Girls With Slingshots in 2004 and has been updating it every week day since! Featuring a fiery red head named Hazel and her big n’ busty best friend Jamie, this comic deals with the stressful life post-college and pre-rest-of-life! Oh, and there’s an Irish-Spanish cactus that has a travelling mustache.

I’ve been reading this comic for almost a year now (and I just reread them all over again a few nights ago!) and it never fails to make me unhappy! I love all the characters, and I can see myself in Jamie (which ROCKS!)

Check it out!

(click the comic below to go to the newest one!)

Jamie and her hair :)

(also, as a special treat, check out her hilarious poster that she designed!!)

Day 52: I Am Love

11 Jul

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Tonight I went and saw “I Am Love” with my friend Tyler. And I fell in love.

This movie was incredible. It was unbelievable. And it was intensely amazing. I am so shocked at how good it actually was.

Basically, here is a rough plotline: An ex-Russian woman lives in Milan with her extremely rich husband and three kids. As months go by, love is found in the strangest of places, betrayal is discovered, and families are tested to the limits of understanding.

I don’t want to say anymore for fear of giving anything away.

But the reason I want to talk about this movie in today’s blogpost is because of it’s attention to detail. Each shot uses closeups, focus, saturation, contrast, and fast cuts to give a completely unique perspective to each moment. One of my favorite scenes in the whole movie is when the main character Emma (played by the amazing Tilda Swinton) visits a restaurant run by a good friend of her son. As he prepares this amazing dish for her, she sits and stares at it, all while the dialogue seems to fade away. The food is lit up in gorgeous colors and the music picks up the pace. Emma is lit completely with what seems like a spotlight as she indulges in the food. Every second of this scene goes by so slowly, and each movement and sound is illuminated for a specific purpose: to expose her deepest desires in this scene. This is just one example, however, of so many!

The simplest of things made such a huge impression on me…. all the close ups of flowers, Italian buildings, facial expressions, and everything else made me fall in love with this movie.

If it is anywhere near you (hint: Seattle people, it’s playing at the Seven Gables theater in the university district), GO SEE IT. It is ingenious. It is gorgeous. And it will brighten your soul with it’s beauty.

Here’s the preview!

Day 41: Smile (Version Revisited) by Lily Allen

30 Jun

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Once more, I’m crunched on time! But tonight I’m bringing you the top three things of today:

1. A family friend had her second baby today! It’s a little boy named Mason, and he is the cutest thing! I got to hold him, and the whole time he made little cooing noises and fell asleep. More than adorable! Here’s a picture:

Welcome to the world, Mason!

Congratulations, Amber and Daniel!

2. I got some really great pics of the clouds over the past two days… check out my two favorites!


Taken w/ Hipstamatic app. Also pretty!

Do you like clouds as much as me? I feel weird saying that, but it’s true!

3. Finally, today has been a Lily Allen kind of day. I love listening to her music because it always reminds me of summertime. Lovin’ it!

This is her song “Smile”, but it has been revisited (and it is almost more happy sounding than the original! I love it!). So yeah, enjoy

WARNING: this song does contain some language, so be forewarned!!

Have a nice one everyone!

Day 40: Johnny Wander

29 Jun

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Today, I’m updating fairly quickly, mostly because I have to get ready for a hard night of work.

For about 3 or 4 months now, I’ve been following a cute webcomic called “Johnny Wander”. It is an autobiographical account of a bunch of comic artists/writers/designers as they go through daily antics. Because of the crunched time, i’ll show you one below, but if you’d like to see more, go to their website!


(via Johnny Wander)

What is your favorite webcomic?!

EDIT: I can’t pick a favorite, because I love them all, but John’s “Johnisms” crack me up!!