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Day 222: The Bones Of An Idol by The New Pornographers

22 Jan

Hey guys!

So yesterday was a great day. I felt really confident about my test, got finished with my project, and just felt good.

To be honest with you guys, my life has been a little odd so days like these are super fantastic.

But I feel like I couldn’t have done it without this song: “The Bones Of An Idol” by The New Pornographers.

I’m a huge fan of this band, and while their name rings of something raunchy, the band is incredibly great! I’m also a little embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t listened to their CD Twin Cinema all the way through until yesterday… even though I’ve had it for like 4 years. It’s always a struggle – should I listen to The Electric Version or Twin Cinema? (I always pick the one I know best).

But anyways, the song popped onto my iPod yesterday, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. It’s really great and mystical in a strange way…

So enjoy “The Bones Of An Idol” by The New Pornographers

Day 166: The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year

27 Nov

Hello there and happy holidays!

Again, another short blog post (I apologize. Tomorrow, I promise pictures from the trip!)

Today we found ourselves smack in the middle of a holiday parade in downtown Bellevue, and it got me back in the spirit of the  holiday season.

So, in honor of the season to be jolly, I wanted to feature my favorite song from my favorite winter movie (the scary old 60s movie Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer).

The song is called “The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year,” and it’s all about the misfit toys that don’t have homes, and how excited they get to be visited by Santa.

Before I feature the song, I’d like to point out that yes this song is a christmas song, but I respect all holidays! Happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa!

Day 158: [THEME WEEK] The Perpetual Self, or What Would Saul Alinsky Do? by Sufjan Stevens

19 Nov

Hello again!


Circa 1960s.

Today’s song is one that some of you may have actually heard before. You see, it was in a preview for a movie that came out earlier this year (aka Babies).

“The Perpetual Self, or ‘What Would Saul Alinsky Do?’ by Sufjan Stevens is one of the best songs out there. It’s adorable and uplifting, moving you through the song like you’re on a cloud.

Also, embarrassing fact about myself, even though I never knew the song was by him (and I loved the song), I am still unable to watch the preview for that movie without tearing up. Call me crazy, but those babies! They’re just so cute!

ANYWAY, this song sets itself apart from most of his music… yeah, sure, he does sing very uplifting songs (like tomorrow’s conclusion), but it’s just so HAPPY. Like I feel like I can take anything with that song on.

The guitars are a little harder than he’s used to, and come to think of it, the song is still uplifting and “harder” than he normally uses. But it works with his soft vocals, and you can feel the warmth this song is emanating.

I hope you enjoy this song, because it pretty much brightens up any day! Here’s “The Perpetual Self, or ‘What Would Saul Alinsky Do?'” by Sufjan Stevens (off of his CD The Avalanche)

Oh, and if you’re not lame like me, watch the preview for that movie right here. It is seriously too adorable for my eyes.


Day 118: Snoqualmie Falls

15 Sep

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I’m leaving to go back to Eugene on Friday, so I spent the day with two of my best friends…

The first half of the day was devoted to my friend Kaitlin, who is leaving for college tomorrow. We had lunch, chilled for a while, and decided to take a sporadic trip to Snoqualmie Falls.

Now, Snoqualmie Falls is located in the hills of Snoqualmie (duh!). It’s about 3 or 4 minutes outside of one of my favorite cities ever: Fall City. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any pictures of the sweet little city, but it is one of those small towns where everyone knows each other. And it is my dream city!!

Anyway, Snoqualmie Falls is gorgeous. The little park is teeny weeny but it’s got a gorgeous view of this natural oddity. There is a bit of construction going on that makes it sad and uncomfortable, but it isn’t enough to ruin the gorgeous view.

What made it even more beautiful was the rain. There’s something gorgeous about seeing the falls in the rain surrounded by the green trees.

Check out the photos here:

The Rain

The Trees above the River

The Falls

A Lodge On A Hill

Kaitlin in A Wheel

The River

The Falls Again

The River Again

The River From Afar

The Gorgeous falls

The River

My Favorite Picture: The Falls in The Rain

Needless to say it was wonderful. While our time there was short, it was still a great day.

I will miss Kaitlin, but I’m glad we’re returning to school!

The second half of my day was dedicated to spending time with Tyler. I will miss him too, but we will chill sooner or later!

But anyway, if you’re in Washington and want to see wonderful scenery, come check out Snoqualmie Falls!!

Day 63: 1000 1st Ave S (part 2 of 2)

22 Jul

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So today continues part two of a day in pictures. These are mainly taken of the fronts of these gorgeous buildings down 1st ave. (next to Qwest and Safeco fields!)


Sodo Storage

Tree on the stairs

Yellow Building

Mojo Market

Seattle Sausage

Fire escape 1

Sodo Storage

Fire Escape 2

Look at the Sky

So beautiful

Fire Escape 3

Nordic Cold Storage Co. Inc.

Also, if you haven’t seen Inception yet, go see it! It’s amazing and neat and a great summer film. For the ladies: look out for the wonderfully suave Joseph Gordon-Levitt… not to mention English Tom Hardy and the ever-so-handsome Leonardo DiCaprio. Just take my word for it and go see it!

Day 62: Take Me Out To The Ball Game… (part 1 of 2)

21 Jul

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Yesterday, my mom and I travelled into Seattle for a Mariner’s game. Even though they lost, the day was fantastic and full of laughter. Plus we both got some great pictures of 1st ave!

Today, I’ll post some pictures of the game, and tomorrow will be pictures of the buildings down the street. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!

Seattle Skyline above Safeco Field

Safeco Field: Seattle Mariners vs. Chicago White Sox


Qwest Field at night

We were at first base!

... but we did sit in the 300 levels for part of the game.

Safeco Field sign

The hot security guard. But he was lazy as well.

Leaving at night. So pretty

Remember, check back tomorrow for more pics! Next time featuring buildings and fire escapes!

Day 61: Young Folks by Peter Bjorn And John

20 Jul

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Today I have a short blog post, but I will update a lot longer and more in depth tomorrow about a great day (chronicled in photos).

I bring you a great song, and a cute video made as a project for it. I didn’t make the video, but I stumbled upon it a few years back when the song was in it’s prime.

Enjoy “Young Folks” by Peter Bjorn And John

Day 49: My Cardboard Life

8 Jul

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Just like yesterday, I said in my blogpost that I’d mention more information about URBAN CRAFT UPRISING, so here it is

  • This saturday and sunday (July 10th & 11th) at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall
  • Free admission!
  • Come look at neat projects from cool indie artists from around the nation (including SchmancyCake SpyFigs & GingerMonkey Sock MonkeyUgly Babygo robot!, and many many more!)
  • Raffle, prizes, craft demos, and much more!

Come check it out! Also, I’ll be volunteering on the Saturday from 8:00am to 1:00pm! Come say hi to me!

Also, I will have a special blogpost coming up next week sometime, but it’s a surprise! Get excited. GET EXCITED. But not too excited.

Okay, so for today’s post I have two things

1. After posting the documentary yesterday, my mother requested that I mention at least something about a movie called Animals Are Beautiful People. Basically, the movie is a fake documentary about a lot of real and semi-fake animals. While it receives a lot of controversy for animal cruelty, it was something I laughed at as a child. Besides, the 70s were a different time.

Here’s a clip from it (one of my personal favorites)

2. Last week, I showed you one of my favorite webcomics (called “Johnny Wander”). Today, I bring you another webcomic that makes me smile.

My Cardboard Life tells the story of a small square of Cardboard named Colin and his friends Pauline (made of paper) and Polar Bear (made of cloth). Each day they get into antics with their other friends, like a ladies man band-aid, a sponge with foil life, and, of course, CARDBOARD CARL (or Colin’s dad).

The reason I like it so much is because it is a different kind of comic… Each panel is made up of paper, cardboard, cloth, socks, band-aids, leaves, and really anything to make it look like a little world. It’s imaginative and adorable!

Here’s one of my favorite comics of the past couple of days!

Click the picture to go check out more!!

Day 43: Old Spice Commercials

2 Jul

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Today has been a lazy day for me. As much as I’ve been trying to get myself motivated to do something, my eyes won’t budge from the tv. I guess I’m sorry? Maybe it’s the 8 months of no tv that’s making me obsessed.

Anyways, as I watch countless commercials, sifting through the crazy world of advertising, one series of commercials stand out over the rest. Old Spice.

Old Spice brand cologne, deodorant, and body wash for men has the silliest ad campaign. Every commercial features utter craziness that hooks even the females.

Being a journalism major, I love watching ads to see what draws people in… and Old Spice still makes it as my number one favorite ad campaign. They are so bizarre and silly, that they just make me happy.

So below are my favorite examples of how amazing Old Spice ads are.


and, of course, the most amazing Bruce Campbell!

Which is your favorite?

P.S. here’s a bonus

Day 31: Clone-A-Doodle-Doo!

20 Jun

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Hi everyone! Today was a great day for the likes of me. Sure, it’s been raining non-stop for hours and I’ve really only left my apartment once, but it’s been really nice! I worked out for the third time this week, and it’s showing results! I’m super excited!

Before I get started, I added a guestbook to this blog! The link is in the top right hand corner (right underneath the giant title). You can sign it by leaving a comment below the description (remember, you don’t have to have a wordpress account to leave a comment)!

Let’s get this show on the road!

It’s the first week of summer, and summertime always brings back the most fondest memories of my childhood. One of those things was Cartoon Network. I’m a cartoon kid, and I love it to death (especially the old school cartoons)! So for this whole week, I am going to update this blog with Cartoon Network themed things!! GET PSYCHED!!!


So in honor of such a good day, I’ve decided to take a trip back to the 90s and play a game from one of my favorite kids shows ever: Dexter’s Lab!!

This show, for those of you who didn’t watch it, was on Cartoon Network in the 90s and it’s all about a boy-genius with a secret lab in his closet. The only person who knows about his lab, other than him, is his older sister Dee Dee (who is insane!). It’s really silly, and it is the epitome of the classic cartoons. I love it to deeeeaaaath.

Now, the game has quite little to do with the show (I’d check out the other games on Cartoon Network involving Dexter’s Lab if your looking for that… there’s some really great ones!!), but it has the sweetest music ever, in addition to it being a pretty simple game to play. Basically, you are trying to fence these chickens in as little amount of space possible, because of some crazy experiment gone wrong. I love it to death, and I hope you do too!

Click the picture to go to the page!

p.s. This is my one month anniversary of this blog!!! WOOOOO!