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Day 210: Robot Rumpus, another MST3K Short

10 Jan

hey everyone.

my head is pounding right now, so a short post tonight.

I wanted to feature another MST3K short… one from my favorite kids show ever, GUMBY!

So enjoy “Robot Rumpus”, a MST3K short!

Day 143: [BELATED] Gum-bot!

12 Oct

Hello there! If this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page at the top for more info on my project! Also, sign the guestbook (also located in the top)!

Of course, I forget. Once again. So I bring you one of my favorite things ever… GUMBY!

In this episode, Gumby turns into a robot (by the blockheads), and his friends have to help him come back to reality!

I hope you enjoy!