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Day 292: Windowsill by Arcade Fire

28 Apr

I wanted to feature this song today because it literally encompassed my feelings in song-form. Sort of.

You see, today was one of those strange bipolar weather days, where the sun would peek out for a good ten minutes before hail rained down. Rain to sun to hail to rain to clouds to sun to rain. All day long.

And as I was walking through campus, doing whatever I normally do on Thursdays, I had the undeniable urge to find a CD that could compliment the strange weather pattern… making it more realistic, I guess.

I try to turn to bands that I’ve trusted with this task before, so it only took me a few seconds to realize that Arcade Fire’s whole Neon Bible album is incredibly effective for this type of day. But what really convinced me was the presence of the song “Windowsill.”

The song is incredibly somber, but it’s grandiose and beautiful while still remaining terribly melancholy. With Win Butler’s graceful voice moving through the difficult lyrics, and the background instruments (specifically that string part towards the middle), I can’t help but feel like this song is an escape for not only me but for the band itself (see the lyrics “I don’t wanna live in my father’s house no more…”). It expands and increases it’s intensity while still remaining full of plea.

With the weather changes that just mess with the population of our little city, “Windowsill” is not only an escape, but it falls with the rain, just in a different way. I feel like I can imagine looking through the window of a hectic world onto like a green pasture, so free from all this craziness. I guess I’m just strange like that.

But regardless, it perfectly encapsulated a moment in time today, and I couldn’t help but feel a little empowered by this song. The world just sort of melted away around me, and all that was left was me and the rain/hail/clouds/sun. It was a beautiful feeling.

I hope you can enjoy this song the same way. Here’s “Windowsill” by Arcade Fire

Day 169: and yet more Sufjan (but this will BLOW YOUR MIND)

30 Nov

Hey guys!

So, yeah I know Sufjan Week is technically over… and I promised myself I wouldn’t go spouting about him a ton more (mainly because I don’t think y’all care)… But this is awesome.

His newest video for the song “Too Much” (which I featured on day 155, and is my favorite song off of Age Of Adz) kind of blows my mind. It’s a little crazy on the eyes, but I really wish I was in this music video. Mainly because it looks like they are having way too much fun.

My personal favorite part is his dance to put on the shades. Seriously, what skill… I epic fail at that every time I try.

Anyways, without further ado, check out this psychedelic video for “Too Much”…. and try not to look directly at the lines… it’ll suck you in!

Day 155: [THEME WEEK] I Walked by Sufjan Stevens (+Too Much)

16 Nov

Hey there!


Mask atop his head.

Today, I picked two songs off his newest CD to preview for ya today. Why two songs and not just one? Well there’s just too much of his music to keep away from you! Besides, I wanna give you guys a reason to buy his latest masterpiece Age Of Adz. It’s that good.

I listened to “I Walked” first, mainly because about four people recommended it to me, and I was impressed.

But what I didn’t realize was the idea that Age of Adz is on a whole different mindlevel than that of  Illinois or his other albums (Greetings From Michigan or Seven Swans…). What Adz has is deepness. It has melancholy. It has an extremely creepy feel to it. And it is quite possibly one of the most intense albums I’ve ever listened to.

Sufjan’s crooning voice is forced and backed by an array of strong orchestral sounds and booming electronic blips and beeps… something he is not used to. And while I was taken by surprise to hear that the adorable banjo-lover had put down the folky sound to pick up the new-age fads, I was completely drawn to it.

The reason this album is on my list of best albums of the year is because it is a creatively genius album. Sufjan has poured his heart and feelings out on the album, creating a sense of self-reconcilliation that he is going through. At one point (in the beautiful lyrics of “Vesuvius”) he begins to talk to himself: “Sufjan, follow the path/It leads to an article of imminent death/Sufjan, follow your heart/Follow the flame/Or fall on the floor/Sufjan, the panic inside/The murdering ghost/That you cannot ignore…” Now I’m not entirely sure if the album is his preparation of death from the illness he contracted (it involved some sort of serious nervous system virus), or if this is his mind… but all I wanted to do was give him a huge hug. “I want to be well/I want to be well/I want to be well/I want to be well…” he sings over and over in the song titled “I Want To Be Well.” Apparently he’s “NOT F***ING ARROOOUNNDD” either about this!

Regardless, Age of Adz is a reflection of how genius Sufjan Stevens actually is. He can go from sweet, light-hearted Illinois to the dark, metropolis-like* Age of Adz and pull it off! I feel like I’m watching a moving picture of his mind when I listen to each song, which is difficult to comprehend with all the sub-par music out there these days.

*when I say “metropolis-like”, I mean it kind of reminds me of the old, silent film Metropolis (1927). Watch it if you haven’t watched it before

Anyways. The first song I want to feature today is “I Walked.” It’s the closest thing to what would be a “single” off this album, but it’s solid nonetheless.

Finally, as a bonus, I wanted to throw on my favorite song off the whole album (it’s actually tied with another of his songs that I want to feature on a later date). It’s called “Too Much”, and while it’s a little strange and overtly techno, it’s still a fantastic song.

Day 143: [BELATED] Gum-bot!

12 Oct

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Of course, I forget. Once again. So I bring you one of my favorite things ever… GUMBY!

In this episode, Gumby turns into a robot (by the blockheads), and his friends have to help him come back to reality!

I hope you enjoy!

Day 122: Go To Sleep (Little Man Being Erased) by Radiohead

20 Sep

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I’m back! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a few days.

First, I’d like to thank Ridemus for posting yesterday! The last few days have been incredibly busy and hectic and by the end of the day I was pooped! So huge snaps, whistles, and claps for Ridemus!

Also, I’m sorry for missing a day! In response to that, I am adding an extra day to the blog at the end of the project! That way, I can make up for this last few days.

Okay! On with the blog!

I’m back in Eugene! And I’m living in an apartment with two of my best friends, so I couldn’t be happier! Now it’s time to get everything put together and looking like a real living space!

For tonight’s topic, I wanted to feature one of my favorite songs ever: Radiohead’s “Go To Sleep (Little Man Being Erased)”.

I’m a huge fan of the show “Firefly” (for those of you not familiar with this gem, it is a sci-fi fantasy show about a bunch of space cowboy bounty hunters. It’s humorous, intense, and really fantastic). The show is awesome, but what’s so cool is the music. Because it’s a western-like show, they use a bluegrassy score to set the mood.

Now, this show doesn’t have anything to do with the Radiohead song, but whenever I hear this song, I always think of “Firefly.” It’s that bluegrass feel and lyrics that just get me every time…  This song is fantastic!

So enjoy “Go To Sleep (Little Man Being Erased)” by Radiohead!

Day 119: [BELATED] It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia!

17 Sep

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Sorry for the belated post! If you follow “Life As We Don’t Know It” on Facebook, I left an update last night about my crazy day spent packing @_@.

I’m actually out and about so I’m gonna keep this post short, but because my all-time favorite tv show’s new season started last night, I want to spend a moment looking back at one of my favorite moments in the show:

(PS it’s probably not safe for work… just an FYI!!)

Check out It’s Always Sunny on FX at 10pm on Thursdays!!

Day 117: Human Tetris

14 Sep

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Human Tetris is a hilarious game show from Japan where men line up on one end of a long runway and try to bend into the shapes that are carved in a wall that moves towards them.

The original videos are HILARIOUS. Mainly, because the shapes are in hilarious poses that the men are trying to bend into.

The American and Italian knockoffs are horrrrid, so for your awesome pleasure, I present you with “Human Tetris”!