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Day 299: M.O.P.E. by Ambassadeurs

17 May

Hey guys!

I’m a big twitter fan, if you don’t know already (if you want to hear the random ramblings of my crazy mind, you can follow me: @margasaur). I follow a variety of different people from comedians to photographers, from publications to websites, from well-known musicians to totally unknown musicians. It’s like my passion to discover these people.

Well, this morning, I woke up and checked my twitter only to find this awesome DJ following me and linking me to his music for free. Going by the name “Ambassadeurs,” Mark Dobson is a DJ from Brighton, UK! He is a DJ “who’s eclectic sound draws influence from Electronic, EDM, Hip-Hop, Dub, Field Recordings, Ambient and many other forms of music and continues to try and push the boundaries when it comes to production.”

His free song is pretty much amazing, so I wanted to feature it here! The song is called “M.O.P.E.” and it is super catchy! If you like this, go check out his other music on his facebook or you can follow him on twitter @AmbassadeursDJ! But for now enjoy “M.O.P.E.”!

Also, if you’re a twitter connoisseur like myself, follow these people: @PasteMagazine, @chopchopmusic, @johnroderick, @mshowalter, @robhuebel, @fleetfoxes, @Gibbstack, @mrdavehill, @michaelianblack, and of course @UOCulturalForum!

Day 261: Hey London by Chiddy Bang

2 Mar

Hey everyone!

This is my JAM for today! As you probably already know, I’m a pretty big fan of Chiddy Bang (from this post)… I feel like they are one of the more fun hip hop artists that have come out of the past couple of years, although I could be wrong (as you can probably tell I’m not the most experienced writer of Hip-hop)

Anyway, this song is actually kind of silly… I love the chorus:

“Hey London
I know you’ve never seen me before
And though I’d love to stay and kick it some more
I gotta get back on my tour
So the only thing I gotta say is
Hey London
You gotta know I love ya for sure
Just let me in cos you opened the door
If I gotta get back on my tour…”

I mean, it’s literally about how this guy came to London, but he has to leave now. Really? That’s awesome (at least in my opinion)

So jam it out today to “Hey London” by Chiddy Bang!

EDIT: This post is dedicated to my friend Emilio, mainly because he’s the one that introduced me to Chiddy Bang in the first place!

Day 259: [BELATED] So Easy by Goonie J (+Popular)

1 Mar

Hey guys!

I wanted to feature this artist so bad it’s ridiculous, but before I say anything just be forwarned that there is some language in these songs so if you’re not into bustin’ some mad rhymes, be sure not to listen to this.

ANYWAY, Goonie J added me on twitter the other day, and after a weird conversation regarding mistaken gender, mixtapes and illegal substances, I got him to link me to some of his music. Needless to say, I kind sort of love it in a way I can’t understand.

Don’t get me wrong, this 19-year-old is not selling out ampitheaters or playin’ alongside Kanye West or anything like that, but his ties to the streets of Chicago make his music super appealing. I actually like how realistic he is compared to other hip-hop artists I’ve heard.

My two favorite tracks from Goonie J are a little strange: the first, “So Easy” is a one-verser that portrays his daily morning regimine (wait until you get about 0:49 seconds in) and advertises his mixtape he’s working on. While the topic is a little odd, the rhyme is sick! I actually love it because it’s just awesome to listen to.

The second song is sort of based on the Kanye West song “Popular” (which remixes the song “Popular” from the broadway show Wicked). I hate musical theater (specifically something like Wicked) so this song took me by suprised when I found my self once again diggin’ to Goonie J’s rhymes.

I feel like with a little more hard work, he can bust out of the underground Chicago scene and into our earbuds.

So enjoy “So Easy” and “Popular” by Goonie J

(you can download this song here)