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Day 167: Seattle during the Thanksgiving Weekend

28 Nov

Hello everyone!

So my roommate Jamie and I went to the Seattle area for Thanksgiving, and boy did we have a lot of fun! We spent Black Friday in Downtown Seattle, taking in the sites and smells of the big city. On Saturday, we went to Pike Place Market and Archie Mcphees in Ballard, afterwards taking a trip to Bellevue Square to see a spontaneous parade! Throughout the week, we wandered around Redmond, taking in the beautiful site of the snow covered land. It was a great trip!

For today’s post, I have decided to feature some of the best pictures we took, from both Jamie and me.



The hills about Eugene, so pretty in the snow!

The gateway into Washington!

I'm a-drinkin' my coffee at Bellevue Square (photo by Jamie)

Jamie and I enjoying the snow in Redmond (photo by Jamie)

The train tracks in Redmond in the snow (photo by Jamie)

They go on for yards....

The Space Needle (photo by Jamie)

Jamie and I enjoying the Fountain!

His nose was itchy!! (photo by Jamie)

Jamie in front of the EMP!

It's winter-y at the Space Needle!

Cafe Ladro by the Paramount is still wonderful on the inside!

My city never sleeps

I love books turned into decorations!

I want to live in the building with red windowsills

My favorite place in Seattle: Pike Place Market

My roomie and I enjoying the sound!

I love Seattle too much!!

Day 103: HOT TAMALES!!

31 Aug

Hello there! If this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page at the top for more info on my project! Also, sign the guestbook (also located in the top)!

First off, I’m back from California! And I shall have some pictures for ya tomorrow (as my blog post). Sorry I didn’t update so well, I was lacking internet (except for my phone) and it is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to update this blog from my iPhone. Seriously!

Anyway, I have a couple of notes for you:

1.) PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES ARE BACK AT STARBUCKS!! If you want the most amazing coffee yummy treat from Starbucks, GET IT.

2.) I discovered a new love for Green Tea with Splenda! So so so good!

3.) I think the weather loves me and my mom. When we arrived in California, we had checked the weather reports and they boasted 110 degrees for the whole week. The first day was hot… the next 5 days were between the 60s and 80s! Plus there was rain! (nothing like the rain that greeted me when I stepped off the plane at Sea-Tac)

4.) Sea-Tac is the NICEST AIRPORT EVER. So easy to navigate, super nice staff, clean rooms everywhere, and just overall a breeze. I adore this airport!

5.) My actual blog post for this evening is dedicated to my two future roomies. We discovered this video last year when we were procrastinating on our homework. Ever since then it’s become a huge inside joke (resulting in a HILARIOUSLY AWESOME set of salt and pepper shakers for our apartment) and an automatic cheerer-upper.

So, in honor of the lovely Jamie and Becca, I bring you HOT TAMALES!!!

Day 75: Girls With Slingshots

3 Aug

Hello there! If this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page at the top for more info on my project! Also, sign the guestbook (also located in the top)!

So, I’m a nerd for webcomics. I’ve featured two of my favorites so far (Johnny Wander and Cardboard Life), but tonight I wanted to feature another that I just adore.

Warning! Some of the stuff on this comic is NSFW, but it’s still great :)

Danielle Corsetto, a petite webcomic-ette, created Girls With Slingshots in 2004 and has been updating it every week day since! Featuring a fiery red head named Hazel and her big n’ busty best friend Jamie, this comic deals with the stressful life post-college and pre-rest-of-life! Oh, and there’s an Irish-Spanish cactus that has a travelling mustache.

I’ve been reading this comic for almost a year now (and I just reread them all over again a few nights ago!) and it never fails to make me unhappy! I love all the characters, and I can see myself in Jamie (which ROCKS!)

Check it out!

(click the comic below to go to the newest one!)

Jamie and her hair :)

(also, as a special treat, check out her hilarious poster that she designed!!)