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Day 287: Montezuma/He Doesn’t Know Why Live by Fleet Foxes

16 Apr

The other night, Fleet Foxes performed their first live show in two years. It was a small, secret charity concert in Seattle for an intimate crowd, but someone got some amazing footage and (of course) stuck it on YouTube.

The song I want to feature today is a new song called “Montezuma,” which is off their new album Helplessness Blues (coming out May 3rd), and it is gorgeous. Pecknold’s voice carries across this small audience, and his relaxed posture almost adds to the whole experience. While I’m sad I missed this concert (being in Eugene, after all, sort of hurts my ability to go see concerts in Seattle these days), this video has gotten me super stoked to see them in Portland on May 1st!

I included the live video (which also features the song “He Doesn’t Know Why” off of their debut, self-titled album), but below the video is a copy of the actual, studio-made song… which is still absolutely wonderful!

Enjoy “Montezuma” and “He Doesn’t Know Why” live by Fleet Foxes!

Montezuma, studio edition:

He Doesn’t Know Why, studio edition:

Day 220: It’s Just A Delta Spirit Kind Of Day (Children)

20 Jan

Hello again!

So my last post was about the alt-bluegrass/folky band Delta Spirit…

And while I was trying to think of another topic to talk about today, the only thing on my mind was Delta Spirit.

So instead of posting something completely different, I wanted to post another DS song that I love called “Children”.

This one is a bit different than the previous post (“Strange Vine”), mainly because it is much faster and much more “hopeful” sounding. I love this song because it pumps me up for the day and makes me wanna jump around!

So enjoy “Children” by Delta Spirit, and check out the post from earlier today for more info about the band and some of their other music!

Sorry for the live video… but, in a way I’m not… they are incredible live!!

Day 74: Dear Laughing Doubters by Sondre Lerche

2 Aug

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So tonight I went and saw Dinner For Shmucks. Honestly, I really did not like it. I thought it was really mean and the jokes couldn’t support it’s point. It really really bothered me, but i can’t quite figure out why. Needlesstosay, it’s, well, shmucky! Wait for rental on this one. In the meantime, I might hit up Inception again tomorrow to see an actually good film.

While I didn’t like Dinner For Shmucks, there was a song at the end of the credits that is just wonderful. It’s called “Dear Laughing Doubters” by Sondre Lerche, and it is a dream.

Sondre Lerche is originally from Norway, and he is amazingly talented! He works with random bands for great songs but his original pieces are great too.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the actual song from the film, but I did find an acoustic and live version from WNYC radio.

Enjoy Sondre Lerche’s “Dear Laughing Doubters”

Day 20: Ode to Kalama

9 Jun

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Sorry for the late post! I was out all day with my friend.

Today, I want to talk about the city I love love love. Kalama, WA is located about 30 minutes outside of Portland. It is old and pretty and I want to live there!

So cute, so adorable, and I wanna gooooooo!


(Leave me a comment below and tell me where your dream city is!)

This is the downtown street

The stores are all old and cute! So kitschy!

These hills follow the city. I wanna live here sooo bad!!!