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Day 181: Scenes From The Suburbs exceprt: The Suburbs

12 Dec

Hey guys!

Now I know I’ve posted the song “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire before (a while back in the summertime), but this deserves to be recognized.

Very famous (and influential) director Spike Jonze took the Arcade Fire song “The Suburbs” and created a short film dedicated to it. Now, I haven’t actually seen the short film Scenes From The Suburbs, but as a promotional tool, they released a clip as the music video for the song!

I saw it a few weeks back, and I have to say, it’s quite terrifying. At first I was very nostalgic, but it really freaked me out at the end… but I’m really hoping that you guys like it. I know it may not be the most optimistic video ever, it’s still an incredible piece of art that needs to be viewed.

So enjoy the official music video (and clip from Scenes From The Suburbs) “The Suburbs” (by Arcade Fire and directed by Spike Jonze)

Day 149: Take Everything Music Video

10 Nov

(Margasaur edit: this blog post was from the lovely Ridemus who filled in for me a few weeks ago. Due to my computer situation, I could never approve it so here you go!!)

Whats up guys? Ridemus here again. If this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page at the top for more info on my project! Also, sign the guestbook (also located in the top)!

“Go on and take everything from me and more.”

Hey guys, its Ridemus here again. Whats up? I’m filling in for Marga today because her computer ran into some issues. If anyone wants to donate the money to buy her a new one that would be great. Or you could just give the money to me. Either way.

Anyway, I was browsing the iTunes Free Section and I stumbled across one of the coolest music videos I have ever seen. Its called ‘Take Everything’ by Greg Laswell. The song is great, but the video has a very clever idea.

The entire video was played backwards. Greg Laswell had to mouth the entire song backwards so when the video was played back, it would seem like he was singing it forward. There were a lot of interesting scenes as well such as someone dropping a box filled with rubber bouncing balls, feathers flying around, and someone cutting guitar strings and then setting the guitar on fire. It was very interesting to see all of those stunts backwards.

Check it out guys.