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Day 266: Under Cover Of Darkness by The Strokes

7 Mar

So I’m kind of lame and JUST heard the new Strokes song “Under Cover Of Darkness”, but it’s so good! It’s fast paced and playful, with a great beat and some awesome vocals.

Short post for tonight, but for those of you who haven’t heard the new song enjoy!

Successfully fulfilling my Strokes meter and my love for Julian Casablancas… but is he separating himself too much from the band? I hope not…

Day 231: Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes

31 Jan

To finish up tonight:


The song “Helplessness Blues”, off of their new album of the same title, is incredible and was released today!

It’s fantastic and glorious and wonderful on so many levels!!

You can download a copy of this song on the fleet foxes website! Click here to download!

But if you feel like just listening to the song, here it is! Enjoy “Helplessness Blues” by Fleet Foxes!!

Day 230: [BELATED PT. 2] Second Chance by Peter Bjorn & John

31 Jan


I’ve also declared today new music day!

More new Peter Bjorn & John! And even if it isn’t as hapy sounding or upbeat as “Breaker, Breaker,” it’s still pretty boss.

Enjoy “Second Chance” by Peter Bjorn & John!

Day 218: Breaker, Breaker by Peter Bjorn & John

18 Jan

I have  a brilliant song for you guys today!

One of my favorite bands (Peter Bjorn & John) released a new song, and I think it’s fantastic for two reasons.

1: Peter Morén (the “Peter” in PB&J) supposedly left the band a few years back… so I heard (I guess I was wrong!), thus spliting up the band for a little while. Not only are they not split up, but they’re releasing a new CD and TOURING!!!

2: This song is awesome! It’s only like two minutes long, but it’s packed full of fun beats and uptempo sound, which is a little surprising for this band. “Young Folks”, which they are known for, is much mellower and fun and “It Don’t Move Me” is a lot darker and harder sounding. Their newest song “Breaker, Breaker” is really fun and almost reminiscent of old school Vampire Weekend. LOVE IT.

So enjoy “Breaker, Breaker” by Peter Bjorn & John! Also, if you REEEEEALLY love this song, click here to download it for free!