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Day 105: Ode To Paste Magazine

2 Sep

The most recent issue of Paste

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Once more, a digression from my promise of pictures of California, but this is important.

As you probably know, I did a paste mag video week a few weeks ago (talking about videos given to me by Paste Magazine, aka my favorite magazine).

Well, some shockingly sad news was announced yesterday:

“Paste Media Group announces, with deepest sadness, the suspension of the Paste magazine print product. Struggles with mounting debt were made public last year when our readers responded with generosity to save the magazine. But the prolonged downturn of the ad market has forced a hiatus. All subscribers have access to the digital version of their magazines through the June/July issue on PasteMagazine.com. Paste, while considering strategic alternatives, is focusing on its digital assets, including PasteMagazine.com.”

Yes, my dear readers, my all time favorite magazine (and my dream job) is suspending print publications. I wanted to cry for my future, and also my year subscription.

But this is a website devoted to optimism, and for today’s blogpost, I’ve decided to write an Ode to Paste Magazine:

An Ode To Paste Magazine

Moving to the great northwest
Was hard enough
Without much of a knowledge
Of current music
But Paste was there.
With it’s influence in the indie music community
Featuring some artists
Like Fleet Foxes and Starlight Mints
That quickly became my favorite musicians.
With it’s countless free downloads of music and videos
Including an ice skater performing against the Shins
And a woman hiding in a bookcase in the snow.
With it’s witty writing
Keeping me interested in whatever I’m reading
Within it’s strangely calming pages.
With that weird smell
That’s strangely appealing
When you pick a copy up at a bookstore.
I will miss you Paste
And I will never forget you.
So Bon Voyage
Which means “Good Travel”
And not goodbye.

Day 17: Ode To The Shins

6 Jun

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Today is the day before my last final. So I am stressed out of my mind. But in the midst of all this hot air and worry, I always have my one love to fall back on. And that one love is the Shins.

So, today, I’m gonna do things a little differently: instead of bringing you a website or something, i’m just gonna write a bit about why the Shins really help me out.

The video above is from the movie Garden State (2004), starring Zach Braff and Natalie Portman.

Back in early 2004 (and I mean EARLY), my family moved from the little city of Visalia, CA to the even littler city Sammamish, WA. 2 states away from my whole life.

For the first few months of living in Washington, I had a really difficult time fitting in. I had it rough in California when I was little, but this time I didn’t have friends to fall back on like I did. While I had no trouble making friends to hang with while I was at school, I was feeling the pressure of living somewhere I had only been to once in my whole life. I was scared, sad, and unsure about what to do.

Once I saw the preview for Garden State, I knew I was going to see it. So, while I stayed at a summer camp for 2 weeks, I dreamed about Zach Braff and the movie’s bizarre plotline (yeah, I was a movie nerd back then too). When I got home, my mom presented me with the soundtrack, and that was the first time I had ever heard the Shins.

Of course New Slang was my favorite song on the whole soundtrack, and I quickly began to develop and obsession with the band who sang it: who are they and where can I get more of their songs?!

When the movie finally came out, and I went and saw it, I remember watching this scene and thinking that I might take a lesson from it.

And sure enough, 6 years later, I can confirm this: The Shins have changed my life.

After the rubble rested from my obsession with the movie, I finally got around to checking out a full Shins CD. My dad made me a copy of Chutes Too Narrow and I worshipped it until the CD broke. Literally. Every song, every verse, every guitar riff made me feel at home. It made me feel okay. For the first time since I moved to Washington, I felt happy.

6 years, 1 more CD, five concerts, and 1 account of meeting the members later, I am still here, listening to Chutes Too Narrow as I stress out. But even now, 6 years after listening to it the first time, I still feel the same way. Safe. Secure. Home.

The Shins is my home away from home away from home. And I need them to survive.

Thank you, The Shins, for making me feel this way. Without you, I don’t know who I’d be in this world.

Day 12: Ode To The Buzz

1 Jun

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Today, I took a specific look at a particular coffee shop that I love: the Buzz. The Buzz is located on the University of Oregon campus, right in the bottom level of the EMU center. Because I live in the dorm area (and crave coffee that I DON’T pay for with cheap points), I tend to gravitate towards the Buzz and chill there.

The next couple of days for me are going to be a living hell: I have three papers due tomorrow, two finals tomorrow, a final on thursday, and an 8 am final on Monday morning. For my hardest class.

In times like these, there is little that can help me feel better about my situation. So, today, I’ve decided to park myself in the Buzz and write my papers, at least getting them right out of the way so I can study for my finals tomorrow.

Sitting here, now, I realize why I love them so much. So, I present you with an ode to the Buzz.

Ode To The Buzz

Someone must’ve stolen my iPod
And hooked it up to the speakers
Here at this sweet coffee shop.
Beck, Radiohead, Kanye, Gorillaz, Peter Bjorn And John.
The smell of the coffee doesn’t distract me for a second
But the music does.
Do I mind?
Not at all.
I feel the cool breeze from the window wall
I smell the fumes of happy treats, on display under glass like a museum
My tastebuds feel warm, or cold, depending on the day.
Even though the weather is dreary outside, the Buzz stays happy.
A cool place to do homework
Write a paper
Or just hang out.
Just remember to be nice to the employees.
And make sure to buy a drink
Or else, you’ll look weird.
Cellphone is dead
Lost in the desert.
One by one I’ll knock you out.