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Into the Fire by Thirteen Senses.

10 Nov

(Margasaur edit: Once again, the lovely Ridemus filled in for me, but again I was unable to approve it. So as an added bonus for today, check out this blog post! Also, snaps and claps for Ridemus!)

Whats up guys? Ridemus here again. If this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page at the top for more info on my project! Also, sign the guestbook (also located in the top)!

“Come on, come on. Put your hands into the fire.”

Hey guys, its Ridemus here again. Whats up? I’m filling in for Marga today because her computer all but exploded. Lets all have a moment of silence for her broken computer…well thats long enough. Anyway, hope she can get it fixed.

(Sorry, short post today. Its late.)

Anyway onto the post. For the longest time, one of my favorite songs has been the song ‘Into the Fire’ by the Thirteen Senses. Great band. Great song. Its amazing! Thirteen Senses is a band from the United Kingdom and they rock! They have a few great songs but one of my favorites is ‘Into the Fire.’ Its a great song that talks about how you should take chances when you have the opportunity or you miss the chance and will regret it later in life.

Check it out guys. You wont regret it!

Here, all you have to do is click these blue words. Move the cursor…almost…almost…click here —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfEcDZn71bs

Ridemus Out!