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Day 289: New Theory by Washed Out

24 Apr

I know I featured Washed Out a couple of weeks ago (with the theme song to Portlandia), but I really wanted to post this song because it’s been on the front of my mind for a while.

I got the song as a free download in some random iTunes playlist, and I never really heard it until a few days ago. And while yeah, a lot of people would label it “hipster,” it’s really great to just jam out to. I’m a big fan of the chillwave movement (what with Ducktails, Panda Bear, and of course Washed Out)… makes riding around in the warm weather with a pair of ray-bans feel so fine.

So hopefully you’ll enjoy “New Theory” by Washed Out. Go enjoy some sunshine!

Day 211: Killin’ The Vibe by Ducktails (feat. Panda Bear)

11 Jan

Hey guys!

Unfortunately, today’s post is to a link because I cannot actually put the song on the blog… but I urge everyone to click the picture below and go listen to the song!

It’s called “Killin’ The Vibe” by indie band Ducktails. It features the backup of other indie band Panda Bear, Dent May (who I absolutely love), and Jarvis Taveniere (of the band Woods). It’s really chill and really great!

Enjoy “Killin’ The Vibe”!

Click here to listen to "Killin' The Vibe" by Ducktails, Feat. Panda Bear