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Day 218: Breaker, Breaker by Peter Bjorn & John

18 Jan

I have  a brilliant song for you guys today!

One of my favorite bands (Peter Bjorn & John) released a new song, and I think it’s fantastic for two reasons.

1: Peter Morén (the “Peter” in PB&J) supposedly left the band a few years back… so I heard (I guess I was wrong!), thus spliting up the band for a little while. Not only are they not split up, but they’re releasing a new CD and TOURING!!!

2: This song is awesome! It’s only like two minutes long, but it’s packed full of fun beats and uptempo sound, which is a little surprising for this band. “Young Folks”, which they are known for, is much mellower and fun and “It Don’t Move Me” is a lot darker and harder sounding. Their newest song “Breaker, Breaker” is really fun and almost reminiscent of old school Vampire Weekend. LOVE IT.

So enjoy “Breaker, Breaker” by Peter Bjorn & John! Also, if you REEEEEALLY love this song, click here to download it for free!