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Day 165: Anthropologie.com

26 Nov

Hello everyone and happy Black Friday!

Hopefully, none of you guys died in the firestorm of holiday shopping! Thankfully, my room mate and I are safe and back at home, but I know there are some crazy people out there who’ll do anything for certain sales.

But today, we went to downtown Seattle (which, if you’ve never been to park place and 6th on Black Friday, you need to… it’s like a mini-new york!!) and explored the stores, all while picking up tons of fun presents!

There was one store that literally blew our minds. Seriously.

Anthropologie, located on 6th and pike street, is one of the most amazing stores I’ve ever been in. Every trinket, dress, scarf, pillow, and item I wanted to buy and live in. It was incredible.

But of course, today I’m in a hurry, but I wanted to give you a quick taste of what amazement is going on at this store. I’ve been looking at Anthropologie’s website for over three years, and until now I’ve never had a chance to even dream about buying anything!

Check it all out because it’s AMAZING.

Click here to go to anthropologie.com!! (I WANT EVERYTHING!!)

Day 5: Happy Birthday Flashmob

25 May

Hello there! If this is your first time on the website, be sure to check out the about page in the top right hand corner!

Hopefully you all are having such a nice day today! I know I am (even though it’s pouring outside).

First of all, this website has been looked at almost 100 times in the past 5 days, so thanks so much! I really appreciate the love and all of you.

Second of all, the video I have for you today is quite possibly the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time! I promise to take some pictures for the blog in the upcoming weeks, but I just had to share this with you.

Some of you may have already seen this video before, but it nearly made me cry the first time I saw it! Here’s the back story:

A bus driver in Denmark picked up what he thought was just an ordinary group of citizens on a daily trip, but he soon learned that they were working together to give him the best birthday ever. I dare you to watch this and not smile:

I’m not gonna lie, this makes me cry everytime I watch it. There are some truly wonderful people in the world.