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Day 2: Rain

22 May

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Once more, the rain came comin’ down. As the people scurried away, in search of shelter and warmth, my friend and I commented on how the smell and sound of rain is one of the most gorgeous things in the world.

I wrote a poem about the rain the other day, so I hope you enjoy:

Kid College

Life is complicated
We stop in day in to day out
Sliding by the social norm
As everyone watches us
Into buildings
Out of buildings
Dreary looks
Sleepy eyes
Stale hair.

We all live our lives the same
The same.

And then it rains.

Most of us trudge in and out of buildings
In and out
Dreary looks
Sleepy eyes
No longer stale, but dampened har.

But there I am
Rainboots replace my dreary legs
And all of a sudden
Puddles are everywhere
Outside of the buildings
Where the people walk
But they stop for a second
And watch as I dance through the puddles.

For one second
I am a kid again.