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Day 41: Smile (Version Revisited) by Lily Allen

30 Jun

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Once more, I’m crunched on time! But tonight I’m bringing you the top three things of today:

1. A family friend had her second baby today! It’s a little boy named Mason, and he is the cutest thing! I got to hold him, and the whole time he made little cooing noises and fell asleep. More than adorable! Here’s a picture:

Welcome to the world, Mason!

Congratulations, Amber and Daniel!

2. I got some really great pics of the clouds over the past two days… check out my two favorites!


Taken w/ Hipstamatic app. Also pretty!

Do you like clouds as much as me? I feel weird saying that, but it’s true!

3. Finally, today has been a Lily Allen kind of day. I love listening to her music because it always reminds me of summertime. Lovin’ it!

This is her song “Smile”, but it has been revisited (and it is almost more happy sounding than the original! I love it!). So yeah, enjoy

WARNING: this song does contain some language, so be forewarned!!

Have a nice one everyone!

Day 21: There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You by Ben Folds

10 Jun

Hello there! If this is your first time on the website, be sure to check out the about page in the top right hand corner for more information on my project.

So, my summer vacation has officially started, but it just doesn’t feel right. Even though I’ve been back for about 3 days, my mind is still in Oregon, still attending classes, and still frantically checking Blackboard to see what my grades are.

I need a break!

Then, after I was about to give in and laze out on the couch (in the midst of sadness and bored-ness), I remembered that the best way to get me in the summer spirit is by pulling out some Ben Folds (Five).

Thank goodness for that!

So today I bring you a cute little video, made as a fun side project for a random youtuber, for one of my favorite songs “There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You” by Ben Folds. The song has a great message, and the video makes me smile. So enjoy!