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Day 46: Cake Spy

5 Jul

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So today I bring you one of my favorite Seattle artists! Her name is Jessie Oleson, and she is responsible for the most adorable cupcake drawings ever.

She has done work for tons of magazines, companies, and (more recently) festivals! But she is also in charge of a website called “Cake Spy,” where people review bakeries, cupcakes, and recipes, as well as perform “experiments” in the field of baking. It is friendly, amazing, and just adorable to look at!

Click the picture below to check out their website! It makes me so hungry that I can’t look at it too long!!

Also, check out her artwork at the URBAN CRAFT UPRISING (this saturday and sunday at the Seattle Center! There will be more information on this thing tomorrow :))

Day 9: A Day Out In Eugene

29 May

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How’s the world where you are, world? Today, in Eugene, it was wonderfully beautiful! The sun was shining, the air was cool, the temperature was fantastic. It was a great day to spend the day outside. And that is exactly what we did.

A friend of mine and I spent the mid-morning at the Saturday Market, and after a very long walk (and a quick change in characters), we had travelled from one end of Eugene to the other. So much walking, but so much fun!

After taking lots of pictures (and touching up the colors and things), I present you with a Day Out In Eugene

Cute house on 8th st.

Sweet Life wall

Green cup at sweet life!

Sausage Fest!

The 5th Ave Market. So cute!!

The fountain, pt. 1

The Fountain, pt. 2

A really neat door

Dexter, going to work.

Train Station outdoors

Train Station indoors

Train restaurant!

Overall, it was a good day to be outside!

Day 7: Sweet Life

27 May

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Today, I was going through my phone’s pictures when I came across some lovely pics of yummy cake.

Basically, if you live in Eugene, you need to go to Sweet Life.

This little bakery (found on the corner of 8th and Monroe) is a hole in the wall where you can buy a slice of the most god-like cake for 5 dollars or less. Plus their coffee is to die for.

I’ve been there twice since I arrived in Eugene, and both times I’ve tasted the sweet love of Orange Mocha Mousse Cake, which is like a solid block of orange chocolate with white mocha filling and another layer of solid chocolate on top. It is. It’s. I can’t even tell you.

Just take a gander at these slices of yummy:

Jamie's yummy Rasberry pie/cake thing.

Orange mocha cake. so heavenly.

I couldn't help it! It was so good!!

Seriously. Sweet life. Check it out because it is freaking incredible!!!