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Day 104: The Wilderness Downtown

1 Sep

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I know I said I was going to post some pictures of California for tonight’s blogpost, but I discovered something today that can’t go unnoticed.

Being a journalism student, we are encouraged to look into new technologies that could potentially change my career in the future. And being an arts journalist, I am in love with music and musicians who use new technologies for awesomeness (see my article on the band Gorillaz at the Oregon Voice… click to ch-ch-check it out).

So when I heard that Arcade Fire (one of my favorite bands) teamed up with Chris Milk for a Google Chrome sponsored project featuring HTML5 called “The Wilderness Downtown”, I jumped on that website faster than you could yell “FIRE!!”

The concept is simple enough: Chris Milk created an interactive music video for the Arcade Fire’s new song “We Used To Wait”, involving google maps and your own keyboard. I don’t want to spoil the experience for you, but it is more than just a personalized music video: it is an inside look into a system that is overlooked.

All you have to do is type in the address of the house you grew up in (or, if you can’t remember that, type your own address in there) and begin. It will pop up a few new windows here and there, but here’s the important thing: DON’T CLOSE THEM DOWN!!! That’s all part of the video. So let them pop up and enjoy!


If you have a very weak browser (as in you have frequent problems with your internet, or your connection is very slow) don’t try to watch this video. I know, it sucks to miss out but even my computer had issues with it at first (and my compy is pretty new). If your internet is pretty decent, then close down all other windows and applications open (save that word document and close that powerpoint) before watching. It’ll make it run smoother.

If you’re ready, click this picture to experience the Wilderness Downtown:

Click Here for The Wilderness Downtown

If you have clicked the link DO NOT SCROLL DOWN!

I’m serious.

If you haven’t clicked the link (or your internet is not too strong), I’ve provided a video of an example of the whole video right below. This is something I hope that you can see, even if you can’t experience it.

Don’t watch this video before clicking the link!

Anyway, here you go!