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Day 51: These Days by Nico

10 Jul

Hello there! If this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page at the top for more info on my project! Also, sign the guestbook (also located in the top)!

So after a lengthy (and extremely stressful) day, I am glad to be home and working on my own laptop.

Just a reminder: look out for a special blog post coming out in the next couple of days!!

Today I volunteered at Urban Craft Uprising, where I got some great swag and met some great people. I’m pleased to say the event was super fun, and it continues tomorrow as well. So if you get the chance, head to the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall and check out the awesomeness!

For my blogpost today, I bring you one of my favorite songs: “These Days” by Nico. I first heard this song in the movie The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), in a gorgeous scene involving two of the main characters in a moment of happiness. Even though the words of the song are kind of sad, the whole thing just makes me smile everytime I hear it.

The video that is paired with it is a stop-motion animated fan video that really puts a different perspective on the song. I think it’s adorable, and hopefully you do too!!

Enjoy “These Days” by Nico